See the 6 Sets Of Friends We All Had In Secondary School

If you schooled in the 80’s and 90’s, then this post should bring back a lot of hilarious memories.

Back then we didn’t consider it funny, but now? We wish we could relive them with the same set of people.

And by ‘school’ I meant secondary school. Cliques and clique names were so in vogue, we’d pick out the first letter of each member’s name to form a catch name.

Then there were the funny friends/classmates we had. Who in one way or another made life memorable for us.

Here are 6 classes of school mates we each had in school:

1. Sicklers

These sets of mates were always sick. I’m beginning to wonder if they just wanted to sleep in more at the sick bay or eat double rations of food. Every week you’d find them in the sickbay.


2. Dubbers

So your Biology teacher announces a test would hold in the next period. These guys never studied o, all they knew to do was tap you in the back then tell you to adjust so they could ‘dub’ from your sheet. If you didn’t, your life would never be the same.


3. Sneakers

Ah, these guys were in and out of school like “Willy Willy.” They knew every trick in the book to sneak out of school. In some cases, today you’d notice them coming to school as day students, and tomorrow they’re back as boarding students.


4. Pepperless

I knew a couple of students who’d join the pepperless table cos they got larger rations of food. Things we did in school just to fill up our bellies were darn hilarious.

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5. Hoarders

And these guys? I think they were the meanest sets of friends ever. Imagine it’s the end of term and everyone’s mad hungry. These guys had enough to feed an entire group of friends. But they’d hoard it and take it back home. Saying something like “I want to impress my parents.” Jeeze those provisions were meant to be eaten not taken home.


6. Jackers

How many of y’all remember TDB? (Till Day Break) Awww, these sets of friends would burn candles during the whole terms but still come out with a Pass in exams? So why bother bro?


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