See The MAIN Reason behind Why Women Should Take off B.ras Immediately!


Most women wear B.ras and most men think these to be S3@.x:’y. However, many ladies wonder if the B.ras can cause cancer and how they should be worn properly. Let’s review the facts!

Can B.ras cause cancer?

In 2015 a study was carried out on this subject. The scientists discovered that women, who regularly wear B.ras have higher risks of developing bre@.$t cancer than those, who never wear B.ras. Doctors related the results to how the B.ras are worn.

If it is too tight, it compresses the cells in your bre@.$ts. Thus, the blood inflow decreases and toxins remain in the B@.0bs being unable to flush out. We do not know for sure if this is the case, but wearing too tight B.ras is not a good idea. When you return home take it off and let the B@.0bs relax!

Major and fun B.ra facts:

– The first B.ra was introduced in 1907. They showcased it in the Vogue Magazine. It was called the B.rassiere.

– Young girls also wear B.ras, but after they start having period the bre@.$ts keep on growing for up to 4 years!

– Your B.ra should be washed at least once a week.

– You can wear this underwear item for up to 9 months.

– Over 80 percent of all women do not know how to pick the right B.ra size and thus wear the wrong ones.

– The cup sizing we use now was introduced back in 1935.

– Most women in Africa wear either B or A size of B.ras.

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– The largest bre@.$ts are possessed by ladies from Russia!

– The smallest B.ra size is called AAA.

As you see, these facts provided on B.ra day are fun and some of them are useful. Stay healthy and take good care of yourself and your B.ra!

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