Many men consider lasting longer during intercourse as a sign of their sexual prowess and why not, after all it really enhances the sexual pleasure of their partner. And that’s not all, prolonging ejaculation also intensifies yours as well your partner’s orgasms.

However, while most men would like to prolong their ejaculation and intensify their orgasms, they often do not last for very long after vaginal penetration. What’s more, they have no idea as to how they can actually delay their ejaculation. Well, it is not really tough to do and some very simple tips and techniques can help you do it. Let’s have a look at some of things that you can do to last longer during sexual intercourse.


Masturbating a couple of hours before having sexual intercourse can help you last longer during sex. This is because when you ejaculate during masturbation, the sensitivity on the penis tends to decrease. So, you take a longer time to reach an orgasm and finally ejaculate again.

The only drawback here is that for some men, masturbating before sex can actually kill their desire to have sexual intercourse at that moment or cause problems in getting a strong erection. This is why you should make sure that you masturbate at least 2 hours before you plan on having sexual intercourse. Anything closer than that will surely kill your erections.


We all know about safe sex and why we should use a condom. However, one thing that most men do not realize is that condom reduces the sensation during sexual intercourse. This means that you take longer to reach an orgasm and end up going on and on for much more time than you usually would.

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Most men tend to breathe rapidly during sexual intercourse. In fact, some men even hold their breath during sexual intercourse. This is not usually a good practice if you want to last longer. What you need to do is breathe deeply and relax your body.

Just slow down your breathing and focus on the sensations of the moment and you will realize that you end up lasting longer and experience pleasures that you may never have felt.


This method is one of the best methods to delay your ejaculation, intensify your orgasms, as well as increase your ejaculate volume. It’s quite simple; all you need to do is withdraw as soon as you feel yourself as reaching a climax. Allow yourself to relax for a while until the sensation subsides. Once the sensation has passed, you can penetrate your partner again and continue.

The method not only prolongs your sexual pleasure but the whole process of withdrawing and penetrating again will make your partner long for more and she is likely to reach an orgasm that she has never ever experienced before.


Another technique is to squeeze the tip of the penis. This is again done as soon as you feel yourself about to ejaculate. The method is perfect for those who men tend to ejaculate even before penetration.

As soon as you feel like ejaculating, just squeeze the tip of the penis for ten to twenty seconds. Maintain the squeeze till the feeling subsides. Once the feeling has passed, wait for around 30 seconds and then penetrate again. You can continue doing this until the time that you and your partner are ready to ejaculate.

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If you want to last longer during intercourse, dump the traditional missionary position and allow your girl to be on top of you. The position allows you to relax and keep your excitement under control and makes you last longer than usual.


Practice contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that you use to stop your urine in mid-flow. These exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. Once you have good control over your pelvic floor muscles, you will be able to contract these when you near ejaculation. This will prevent you from ejaculating and you can continue with your lovemaking for as long as you want by just contracting these muscles and delaying ejaculation.


There are creams available in the market that decrease the sensation felt during intercourse. These desensitizing creams can just be applied before intercourse for prolonging your lovemaking.

The only drawback of these creams is that since these are desensitizing, that is, they do reduce the sensations that you feel on your penis, sex may actually become less pleasurable. Furthermore, the desensitizing effect can actually be transferred onto the women when you penetrate her, making her take a longer time to reach an orgasm as well.

Many men may also benefit from herbal, vitamin which can also improve overall sexual health. However, for most men one of the above techniques is usually sufficient to prolong ejaculation. Make sure to understand your partner’s needs and desires as well since she can actually help you last longer during intercourse as well.

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Author: Don9ja