What To Do If Your Boyfriend Hits You

Dedicated to all ladies out there that suffer all sorts of physical abuse from Boyfriend. I’m so sad this is happening to you,  just yesterday a friend of mine asked a question regarding to physical abuse in a relationships(Jaybee, what’s your advice to a girl whose Boyfriend hits most times and still want to make home together?), so after series of research last night I decided to put up this post as my advice to any lady who get hits by Boyfriend.
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No measure of physical abuse, regardless of how “little,” is ever alright anyplace, particularly in a relationship.
There’s a distinction between having hot temper and getting violent with somebody, and what your man does is not adequate by any means. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that it happened once, or if it was “little,” or “big” as the case may be. You’re precious and you deserve no hitting. Coincidentally,  beating and related abuse doesn’t sound little to me rather a big one.
Believe it or not,  this is the fact.  Abuse normally start little by little. At this moment, the majority of the regular examples of abusive behavior at home are there. Your Man lost his temper, hit you, and after that he felt sorry and apologized. This is the thing that abusers do; they control you. They hurt you, then let you know how sorry they are and act like a changed person for a couple of days, weeks, or even months. They swear they won’t do it once more, however then one day, they lose their temper, and it happens. The cycle rehashes itself until things get worse, it gets more regular and have get use to you which forms his habits towards you only most times. Outside home he gets afraid to confront his follow man but exercise his power on you.
I know how difficult this must be for you. You love your man, and you need to see the best in him. You want to accept that he can change, and that he won’t do this once more. This is never a simple thing to experience, and I comprehend that your feelings are unfathomably complicated at this time. The truth of the matter is, nobody knows without a doubt what will happen later on – yet at this moment, your man is showing the attributes of an abuser.
Studies shows that when a man gets to be violent once, he will doubtlessly get to be violent again. From where I stand, this doesn’t look great. If he has a past filled with having Uncontrollable temper, who says he won’t lose it like that again? In short,  it’s going to be terrible this time around.
At this time, you have to take time to consider this all alone. You need to ask yourself some questions: Do you feel safe around your man? Do you feel scared when you perceive that he’s beginning to get angry? Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells with him? or you must be extremely cautious to keep him happy and not do the wrong thing? Does your man additionally show indications of emotional abuser, such as trying to control you? Why do you have a feeling that you need him in your life?
In all honesty, I think you have to end that relationship. Yes! Read my lips, end it. Violence in relationships is rarely a one time thing, and you deserve better than that. Abusive relationships are fantastically troublesome, and the more you stay in one, the more worse things will see or get. As hard as it might be to break up with this gentleman, its to your greatest advantage to do as such.
Somebody who genuinely loves you and care about you would never hit you. This is not a sign of true love, and no amount of apology can equal hitting you. I also suggest that you seek for advice somewhere else too. Discuss with parents or guardian, “trusted” close friends. Going for counselling is likewise something that you can truly benefit from. At times, it helps to simply have “trusted” somebody to talk with and turn to.
Regardless of what you choose to do, I need you to realize that physical abuse is never your fault no matter how bad your behavior is.You never should be abused by someone who said he love and care for you. Hitting and abusing a Woman you said you love and care for is constantly unjustified. Never you blame yourself for your Man’s inability to control his temper.
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