Bad Habits That Will Hurt Your Relationship

Bad Habits That Will Hurt Your Relationship



Bad Habits That Will Hurt Your Relationship

Nobody is perfect but we can all try as much as possible to do the best we can do. This bring me into how our imperfection sometimes lead to bad habit that we don’t realize it not until probably someone else point it out for us and let us know why it is actually bad.

Bad Habits That Will Hurt Your RelationshipIn your relationship, there are some habits that are really bad and if you don’t stop them, you’re going to be affected badly in your relationship. It will hurt your relationship and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

One truth remains, when you first get into a relationship, your partner will not notice it because of the infatuation kind of love that make all thing seems perfect in your partner. Not until both of you start the real commitment to your relationship, you and your partner may not notice it.

It is easier for you to deny that you have a bad habit than to accept that you may be faulty in the way you carry on your life. Of course there are some bad habits that can be put up with until they begin to sow seed which worsen the whole thing. Then, the reality will be dawn on you and by that time, there is no hiding place, the habit cannot be condone and the next thing is looking forward to go separate ways because it will be too late to change such habits.

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Now let take a look at the bad habits that will hurt your relationship and see how you can amend your way early enough before degenerating into full blown problem to your relationship.

The use of silent treatment

How many times do you feel unappreciated when someone is supposed to response to you when you needed responses? Do you also choose to ignore your lover instead of talking to him or her when you feel hurt or something?  Well, you’re not the only one that experience this, many people are also in this kind of mess and they will rather sit down somewhere in the room looking at ceiling as if there is solution to the problem right away up there. Don’t do that because you will only end up hurting your lover, make them feel dejected, worthless and hate you at the same time.

Taking your partner for granted

Nobody loves the idea of being taken for granted no matter what, and you shouldn’t allow the fact that love seems to be blind (though not blind) to cover your eyes and not realize that you’re taking your partner for granted. When your partner does anything good for you, don’t forget to show appreciation no matter how little it can be. You may think it makes no sense to always thank your partner for every single or little thing they do. There is tendency that you will also forget when they do something big for you and before you know it, it will all turn into expectation instead. But you should remember that, every good unappreciated gesture will only come back to hurt and you no longer receive such good gesture.

Getting annoy easily;

Even though it may be part of you as you’re growing up which is sometimes understandable, but your ability to manage your temper will help you in a lot of ways in your relation. If you find yourself getting irritated with your lover in every little argument and you really don’t know how it all come about.  Chances are there’re subtle reasons at the back of it all why you get easily annoyed. You may have bottled up some form of anger against him or her that resulted in prompting your irritation about them.

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Instead of putting up irritable manner when that happens, sit yourself down and ask why you always get fury every time. Or let your partner knows about it, tell your partner you don’t understand why you’ll always feel that way. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot easier the very second you made it known to your partner

Trying to put your partner under test

This is much more acceptable when at the initial stage of every relationship. Because you’ll want to know how really well your partner meant for you, you’ll want them to prove their love for you and all sort of test to convince you if you’ll be going ahead with such relationship. This should all stop at that level, don’t even try to take it further than the onset of your relationship. It will irritate your partner big time and you may be drawing the battle line unknowingly to you.

Putting all and every blame on your partner;

Some people have formed the habit of not accepting responsibility for anything, even if they are at fault, they will push it all to their partner. It has become a habit and yes, it is easy to point accusing finger to your partner for every mess but you should know that, by doing this, your partner will feel helpless, angry and get hurt. You’ll need to learn to accept blame even if it’s a little. Learn to share responsibility and accept your fault, by doing this; you’re giving your partner all the emotional support they badly need at that particular time.

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The “I don’t want to talk about it” habit;

Dodging discussions, especially if it’s nerve-racking may look like the easy thing to do at a particular instant. But stuffing all the difficult talk in some dark corner will only leave you more worried, and leave your partner perturbed and angry. As difficult as a particular choice or a relationship discussion may be, you can solve it only by talking about it with your lover.

What other bad habits you know that can hurt your relationship? Please leave a comment in the comment box down below and let us talk about it together. Don’t forget to share this using any of the social media icons below.

Author: Don9ja