10 Signs You’re in a Relationship Rut

It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be in a reliable and loving relationship, one in which you’re totally comfortable with each other and confident enough to assume your partner won’t run for the hills after meeting your crazy family.

But real talk: There’s a difference between a steadfast relationship and a kind-of-boring one. Who doesn’t love a spark? If you’re wondering if you and your partner could add a little something-something to the equation, take a mental note of how many of these joking-but-actually-kind-of-true signs of a relationship rut apply to you:

Dinner and a movie is a BIG night out. You both wear something other than jeans? Holy bonus points.

Your last text to your partner was a reminder to pick uptampons. Or maybe it was a digestive aid. Or retainer cleaner? Whatever it was, it wasn’t sexy.

Your latest sex session got pretty wild: You started on the living room couch. What’s next? Sex on a dining room chair? Never mind, no; that would just be too crazy.

You feel like you’re in the movie Groundhog Daybecause you had that same fight about loading the dishwasher last week…and the week before that…and the week before that. Not even conflict is a surprise anymore.

Sometimes you daydream about really great sex the two of you had years ago. ‘Ah, that time we fooled around in the pool’‘Or how about that time he unhooked my bra with his mouth’… Yeah, it was hot, but it was also four years ago—time to make some new memories.

He asks if you want to have sex. You say yes—after the new episode of The Bachelorette. His naked body will still be available two hours from now. The Final Rose will not be.

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Speaking of The Bachelorette, you spend more time watching TV after work than talking to one another. Yes,Modern Family is hilarious, but the goal is to keep each other just as entertained.

Your best friend is in the adorable/passionate phase of a new relationship, and every detail makes you weirdly nostalgic. You cried after she told you about meeting his grandmother for the first time. So what, who cares?!

Every time another couple announces their engagement on Facebook, you throw something. You’re running out of magazines and have begun turning to more fragile items. It’s problematic.

Twilight was on TV last night, and you may or may not have felt jealous of Edward and Bella’s love. Oh yeah: You’re officially in a relationship rut.

Author: Don9ja