5 Things Men Will Never Tell You About Them

So, you think your partner never hides anything from you? May be you’re wrong. Men will be men and here are top 5 things a man will never tell you when you are exploring an opportunity to have him as your future partner..
1. Income
Every girl wants to know how much money exactly is her prospective partner drawing, isn’t it? But very few men will give you the exact figure. In the initial stages of dating, instead of arguing over money matters, it’s better you spend time understanding him.

2. Weaknesses
Not all men are strong-willed. No kidding! Some of them are very sensitive and they can actually cry even while watching a touchy insurance commercial. In short, men aren’t as confident and responsible as they appear to be in front of you. They’ll never reveal this fact because they know for sure you’ll laugh at them.

3. Weird Fantasies
Certain fantasies should be shared and enjoyed together. But, your man may be into freaky stuff that you just wouldn’t understand. Most men like flirting and attention from other women. Most men will never let you know their fantasies, because he knows you wouldn’t like that. If your guy says that he doesn’t think about these things, he’s obviously lying.

4. His Past
If your guy has been a flirt all his life, don’t think he’s changed for you. He may say things like, “you’re the last girl in my life,” please don’t fall for that crap. He may also tell you he loves only you and wants you to forget his past, but remember he never will. He might still have pictures of his ex-girlfriend’s. Some men never change.

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5. Love For Things Women Hate 
It’s a fact that men are more passionate about things most women hate (read action, porn, living a guy’s life). So, the next time your man tells you he hates watching action movies, sports, the Simpsons,  or that he doesn’t have too much interest in fast cars, cricket, football or boxing, don’t trust him blindly.

Author: Don9ja