Things You Should Never Tell Your Prospective Partner

It’s said that coming clean is the beginning of starting something good in a relationship. But, there are some things that can just end a relationship even before it begins. So its better to be keep some things to yourself at times. When we say some things, we mean…

1) About Your Ex
You do not have to get emotional and start making a bunch of confessions. Your partner doesn’t need to know about your past. Disclosing about your ex can only lead to feelings like jealousy and suspicion.

2) Anything Negative
We mean your partner’s over all personality. If there’s anything that you dislike about him/her, just keep it to yourself. It’s somehow not a great idea to criticize a person so early and expect him/her to change.

3) A List of People You Dislike
You may be the best person on planet earth but not too many people like you, which is absolutely fine. That doesn’t mean you come up with a list of names you dislike and start complaining about each of them. Avoid sounding negative.

4) We’ll Move Out After Marriage
Oh, so you think you’ll never be able to get along with your in-laws? Is it because you’ve got some live examples in your friend circle or family who’re living away from their in-laws and are happier in life? If you talk about living separately after marriage, be prepared to be rejected.

5) Personal Problems 
Last but not the least, let your personal problems be personal. Don’t forget that you’re still getting to know each other, so save it for the future. Stop complaining about how unhappy you are in life.

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Author: Don9ja