25 Ways to show Your Spouse You Want More $ex

couple in bed

couple in bed

Because actions speak louder than words, here are some actions that will send the message you need more intimacy with your spouse.

1. Look desirable when you come to bed

2. Make sure your hygiene is on point!

3. Flirt with your spouse more often

4. Make your partner feel desirable

5. Use your body language to say “I want you”

6. Remove distractions (i.e. clear clutter and send kids to the babysitter)

7. Massage back, neck, feet, booty, legs etc.

8. Kiss those special spots on your spouse’s body

9. Prepare a candlelit meal for two

10. Make your bedroom an escape from the madness of everyday life (i.e. aim to keep cellphones, computers and work talk out of the bedroom)

11. Strategically place er*tic books for your spouse to find

12. Send some $exy and [email protected] photos or text messages to your spouse

13. Help relieve your spouse’s stress by listening

14. Manage your household responsibilities so your spouse isn’t stressing over them

15. Be romantic according to your spouse’s standards

16. Understand what turns your spouse on and do that frequently

17. Wash your spouse’s hair or soak their feet

18. Be approachable, kind and fun to be around

19. Minimize the nitpicking and nagging

20. Stock up on your supply of body oils, lingerie and edible undies

21. Date your spouse like you mean it, often

22. Unwind, relax and be playful around your spouse

23. Make intimacy pleasurable and less like a chore for your spouse

24. Spend as much time as you can being Un.clad around your spouse

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Of course, nothing says I’d like more s*x than actually saying you’d like more s*x. The truth is s*x can be an awkward topic to discuss with a spouse. If you’re not sure how to come right out and ask for more, try a few of these actions.

Remember, intimacy is necessary for a marriage. It should never feel like a chore but something both partners can get excited about sharing with one another.

Author: Don9ja