15 Responses Nigerian Girls Give to The Word ‘I Love You’



Some Nigerian girls can be mean. They just know how to make a man lose his confidence with their responses. Imagine telling a girl how you feel about her and she just looks at you, smiles and changes the subject.

Getting a Nigerian girl to tell you ‘I love you too’ can be harder than JAMB.

Below are some of the replies Nigerian girls give when you tell them ‘I love you’.

1. Wow that’s nice

So, she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Just manage the reply.

2. Thank you

Of cause, she’s grateful for your love. Keep loving and one day e go better.

3. Awww you are so sweet

That’s her being nice and trying to make you feel a little appreciated.

4. Ok

She clearly has no reply for you.

5. How much?

They say love don’t cost a thing, but definitely not in Naija.

6. Lol

Some girls are just mean. Later they’ll say Nigerian me are not romantic.

7. Oh really

After all the shakara, they will love you back some day.

8. Are you serious?

Thou shalt not answer this question, I repeat don’t answer.

9. I know

She just needs more time. One day, she will be able to say those words.

10. Good for you

Don’t give up, it’s just Nigerian women and their initial gragra

11. And so…

Just forgive her arrogance and manage the ‘ela’.

12. That’s good to know

After all, it’s always nice to hear that someone loves you.

13. Who love epp?

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My brother, no hope for you. Just move to the next one

14. Laughs

Haba, can’t a man love again?

15. No response

It’s not easy to respond to someone who says the words when you’re not ready to say them back.

So we have come to the end of the 15 responses Nigerian ladies give when a man says ‘I love you’. If you know any lady who has never given any of the above answers, please congratulate her for being abnormal.

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