Fine Out The Top Ten Qualities Of Making a Good Marriage

Getting married is a beautiful experience, yet staying married remains a mystery to most. Lost in the thought of marital bliss, it can be easy to forget that your wedding ceremony is only a day, but your marriage defines your life together. While many couples choose to say ‘”I do,” about 40 to 50 percent of those marriages will end in divorce. Although each marriage is distinctive, long-lasting marriages share several commonalities.

Spiritual Beliefs
Couples with a successful marriage often agree on their spiritual beliefs.Spirituality directly affects your life together, because it will determine how you spend some of your time and what your children are raised to believe. Take time to discuss the role that spirituality will play in your marriage.

Be honest with your spouse at all times. Demonstrate your care and concern by listening to your partner and having patience with him. Avoid saying anything negative that could potentially upset your spouse. As you and your spouse begin to face a conflict, make it a priority to fix the problem together. Both partners must communicate openly to achieve a successful marriage.

Both spouses should enjoy each other’s company and like the person they are married to. During difficult times in your marriage, your husband will remain emotionally intimate with you because you are his friend.

Physical Intimacy
Each partner is satisfied with the affection and physical intimacy they are shown in their marriage. Take the time to give your husband a massage or set the mood in the bedroom. This will keep him interested.

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Happy couples maintain a certain level of privacy. Do not allow your parents, siblings or best friends to interfere with matters in your marriage.

Strong couples enjoy spending most of their free time together. There is a healthy balance of personal and shared activities. Continue to share your time with your husband. Plan new activities if you are looking for a new experience.

Long-lasting couples agree on their financial activity. Take time to discuss your financial goals. Decide how much you will spend versus how much you would like to save. Living up to your financial expectations will prevent future conflict.

Personal Appreciation
Successful couples recognize the effect their marriage has on their personal growth. Partners take the time to appreciate what they can learn from one another, helping them to cherish their spouse. Consider certain traits that you admire about your husband.

Memories play an important role in relationships. Everything that you do is an opportunity to create fond memories with your husband. Both partners can appreciate their life experiences together, increasing their level of intimacy.

Trust is one of the most important foundations of marriage. Believe that your husband is the man he says he is. Trust in his ability to commit, make sound decisions and provide for your family.

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