Top New Year’s S*x Resolutions For A Better S*x Life With Your Partner.

Whether you and your partner are married or not, these top new year’s sex resolutions below are guaranteed to give you a better sex life and improve your relationship in a very amazing way.

Some couples will say their sex resolution for the new year is to have more of it but guess what, sex is not about how many times you have it with your partner. Consider these top new year’s sex resolution tips you should try to implement and work on so as to improve your sex life and give you a better relationship.

The number one resolution you should have for the new year is to love your body. Although there are times we worry too much about how we look, truth is the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you are going to feel about yourself and that is the key to having a better sex life. It’s a lot harder to have great sex if all you’re thinking about is your waist, hips or thigh size. This year, resolve to love your body and be proud of that person you see in the mirror when you make up or when you brush your hair.

It will also help if you can act as though you just started dating each other by doing the things you haven’t done together in a long while. In addition to that, exercise everyday and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Take better care of yourself, feel good, look good and have more energy in the bedroom but always remember the first resolution written above, resolve to love your body and be proud of that person you see in the mirror when you make up or when you brush your hair as confidence in yourself is the key to a great sex life.

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I also suggest and recommend you both try new positions, have sex in every room if you haven’t done that yet, get vocal in the bedroom, talk dirty, be bold enough to ask, tell your partner what you like, ask for what you want, get loud and believe me your experience will improve greatly if you can get more comfortable telling your partner what you want in bed. There’s no need to be demanding or make your partner feel like they doing something wrong, but your partner will sure appreciate knowing what does turn you onand what he can do more of. Make this year the year of getting exactly what you want between the sheets! and make it a part of your resolution to make every sex you have with your partner be the best.

Author: Don9ja