How to Get a Boyfriend if You’re Very Shy

Shyness can keep you from sampling some of life’s most delicious offerings. Worrying about outside perceptions and interactions often hinders your social interactions and your options when it comes to the love department. If this is the case for you, don’t worry: You can still find a boyfriend — even if you’re shy.

Narrow your scope of options. Before you get to the highly stressful parts of interacting with potential boyfriends, use your shy demeanor to work to your advantage. Use the time you don’t spend talking to observe how people you may like act, and what they like to do. This will give you an opportunity to exclude guys you have no real interest in.

Play to your strengths. Being active in your own personal interests will give you a greater probability of coming into contact with men who share your interests. This will give you some common ground that will make it easier for you to communicate when you’re approached or when you want to break the ice. You should also involve yourself in activities that you do well, so you can draw positive attention from guys with your proficiency without having to speak.

Bring the boys to you. Don’t allow your shyness to hinder you from properly “baiting the hook” that is your body to “catch” the right boy. Dressing your best may seem overrated and overstated, but the truth is that this practice can express self-confidence that men love to see in a woman. Flattering outfits can go a long way toward enticing a potential boyfriend.
Make eye contact. Sending the right signals when you are shy is important. Body language makes for the majority of communication between human beings. Muster up some courage to look the guys you like in the eyes or to flash a quick smile to give them the green light to approach you. This will transfer the pressure to approach to his shoulders, while opening a window of opportunity.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Healthy relationships are built on communication. This does not exclude you because you are shy. Stepping out of your comfort zone to talk to potential boyfriends is eventually a prospect you will have to face. The payoff will far outweigh the risks if a boyfriend is what you truly seek.

 Tips & Warnings

Using internet dating sites can be helpful in your search for a boyfriend as a shy woman. Many guys will often make the first move if you specify that you are shy in your profile.
If a man likes you and he is also shy, it may be difficult for him to approach you as well. Spending some time sitting by yourself (without your friends around you) will give him an opportunity to approach uninterrupted.

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Author: Don9ja