Revealed! Checkout the 5 Satisfying S*x Positions for Any Man With a Micro-P*nis

People with a micro-penis have a relatively small penis. A true micro-penis is just about 2 ¾ inches or less when erect.

Generally, when a penis is flaccid, it will be an average of between 2.8 and 3.9 inches in length, and between 4.7 and 6.3 inches when erect, with an erect circumference of 4.7 inches.

In general, physicians say, cases of micro- penis are relatively rare, but they do happen anyways.

So, if the penis you’re working with is officially micro or just semi-micro, there are sex positions that you both can assume in order to have a full-blast enjoyment. So, here we go…

1. Rock and grind

Get on top of your man and instead of thrusting, do more of a slow grind. Roll your hips, rubbing against his penis, his pubic bone, his pubes, whatever is feeling good for you. If he’s inside you, that’s cool, as the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first couple inches. If he’s constantly slipping out, that’s okay too; just slide and rub across the underside of his shaft, and you’ll both be happy.

2. The double down:

Encourage him to spread his legs apart and give him a hand job. When he’s completely panting for you, slide gently into him.

3. The lapping dog:

Doggy style is great for the guy with small dick, because it makes it easy for him to get as deep as possible. He can combine the doggy with an oral — if you both don’t mind. That way, after some good hard pumps, he pulls out and goes to work on you with his mouth. Let yourself be completely vulnerable and open, and get lost in the sensations of that amazing mouth of his.

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4. The tight end:

Get in a spoon position for a satisfying penetration. He gets a tighter fit and you get the feeling of being filled. Plus, if he reaches around and strokes you at the same time, you will also get the feeling of having an orgasm.

5. The silicone racehorse:

Even though many women don’t achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse, try a penis extender, which fits over his penis and will give him the pleasure of going at it with new gusto. Rub yourself to orgasm, during, and let him watch. Finish him off with a blowjob so he remembers that you dig his manhood, even in its small state! Have a great weekend!


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Author: Don9ja