How to Get a Flat Stomach

Every Woman wants to achieve a toned, flat tummy.. Many people think starving themselves is the best way to get a flat tummy, but trust me, your results will only be temporary and you will feel frustrated sooner, which makes you much more likely to give up.
If you want a flat tummy, follow these 9 Simple Steps To Flatten Your Stomach.

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1. Drink enough water. Drinking lots of water will help to flush toxins out of your system and keep your bowels moving. So, you need to replace all your regular beverages with water, especially soda and sugared drinks which are full of empty calories and will cause your stomach to swell up.

2. Avoid eating anything 2—3 Hours before sleep.
This is one important thing you must not ignore—if you want to achieve a flat stomach. Your body slows down when you sleep, which will prevent your body from digesting the food in your stomach properly.
You are also less active in the evenings and at night, which means that your body is more likely to store the calories you consume late at night as fat, rather than burning them as energy.

3.  Eat lots of lean protein. Beans, nuts, and lean meat are rather good for you as long as you do not eat the fat.
• Eat whole grains
• Eat low-fat dairy products
• Eat healthy fats. Eg: avocados, nuts and oil fish.. These can actually help you loose weight.
• Reduce your sodium intake. Sodium causes your body to retain water, which causes you to look bloated, especially around your abdominal region.

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4. Exercise. Activities such as dancing, boxing, running, swimming, cycling, and walking at a good pace will all help burn fat. In fact, anything that brings your heart rate up will do the trick!
• You may also incorporate strength training to build muscle. Having more muscle will increase your metabolism, so you’ll burn calories faster over time.
• Crunches work the upper abdomen, leg raises work the lower abdomen, and weight lifting also helps big time.

5. Eat less. One other good trick is to use smaller plates when you eat meals. That way, your plate will look like it’s heaped with food, but you’re actually eating less than you normally would.

6. Cut out sugar from your diet. Having less sugar in your system will help to lower your insulin levels.
Lower insulin levels equate to greater production of a hormone known as glucagon in your system.
Glucagon is a substance that allows glucose to be burned as energy, thus contributing to an incredibly flat stomach!

7. Cut down on alcohol. Alcohol consumption also releases estrogen into the system, which is bad, because excess estrogen causes the body to retain weight.

8. Get enough sleep so that you won’t feel tired all the time. Studies have also shown that inadequate sleep can cause weight gain, so get yourself to bed!
In addition: Having adequate rest helps you to relieve stress. You will feel less likely to go on an eating spree.

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9. Doctors, personal trainers and certified dietitians, can also help you in your quest to have a flat tummy. Going to see a personal trainer or a doctor can help greatly because they can give you a diet and exercise plan that will help you get to your desired weight. Working from their guidance is much easier than doing it alone.


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