Guys!!! Reasons You Shouldn’t Marry A Girl You ‘ve Had S*x With Before

1.Women are delicate beings both on the out side and inside, so, there’s a high rate of probability that the virtues i long for sexually in you would ‘ve been unreplenishly diminished

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2.For you to have conciously and voluptuously opened your legs for me it means you can do it for the man next door, sex is addictiveundecided…

3.You are not God fearing, don’t even accuse me of being guilty too cos the woman that was caught in the very act for committing adultery was almost stoned to dead if not for the intervention of jesus…so, the question now is, what of the man that committed the sin with the woman??, guess to a large extend his actions were justifiable that’s why they let him go…women are not supposed to cheat for whatsoever reasonundecided


4.They are NO differend from the day to day prostitute we see in mr sweet, the difference between your girl friend and them is just location.

5.There’s ever the tendency that the children she ‘ll give birth to will be like her cos a goat cannot give birth to a pig.

6.They have high tendency of promiscuityundecided

7.Most of them are ravagely saucy and very insultive…they’d hardly respect you as their husband.

8.They hate to hear hell fire preaching and as such they can never repent cos of guilty concience, for Godsake the girl you intend to marry should be preaching heaven to you.

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9.They sleep out side at every opportunity that presents itself.

10.They tell lies alot, ranging from how they were raped or molested by their school teacher.

In general, any lady who’s been having sex before marriage has the potentials to have aborted pregnancy before thereby opening the room for a possible barreness in the future, “but not in all cases sha o”.

Important Note:…i’m not saying she must be a virgin, take caution of the heading….all i’m saying is, a girl you ‘ve had or have been having sex with has the tendency to portray all the aforelisted traits above if you marry her….better you marry a girl you ‘ve not had canal knowledge of before weather she’s a virgin or not, believe me there ‘ll be trust and respect in the union….and ofcourse before marry you must ‘ve know your medical status so don’t tell you wanna test to know if it’s a fertile ground before plant your seed.

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And to the girls, if you ask me i ‘ll say the thread is not to demean you if you are already into sex with your bf…the message is, marry a man who has not seen your panties before.

Author: Don9ja