Five (5) Ways To Tell If You’re Dating Your Forever Person

Here are five signs that you’ve found your forever person:

1. You feel at home when you’re together.

This may be complicated to understand, but bear with me. Have you ever had the feeling that when you’re with your SO, there’s no other place you’d rather be? You had an awful day and all you want to do is come home to them and forget about it.

They don’t even have to say anything to you. Just knowing that they’re there, present in the same room as you, makes everything better. All your worries go away because that person is your home. They are the sole person who can make you feel better by not even saying a word.

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2. You’re not afraid to be yourself.

I’m not saying that it’s OK to do this, but let’s say you have a moment of panic and for whatever reason you choose to freak out. You do this because you’re so comfortable with your partner that you know you have nothing to worry about.

3. They reassure you that you’re the only person for them.

This one has many steps: speaking of the future, planning trips together, having your families meet and merging finances.

4. They never make you feel unsure.

One of the best ways to know someone is in it for eternity is when they always communicate with you and never allow you to question what they’re doing. By keeping in constant contact, you never have time to worry or question where you stand with someone.

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5. They are the first person you go to for advice.

If your SO is the first person you go to for advice, it’s a pretty sure sign that they’re your forever person. This person quickly becomes your best friend in every way possible.

They’re the ones you go to with questions and concerns. You value their opinion, you listen to their advice and you take it. They have a way of comforting you so that you know you’re their first priority.

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Author: Don9ja