Four(4) Hot S*x Positions To Try That Only Sound Scary

Between naked bodies, strange sounds, and the possibility of unplanned pregnancy, sex is an inherently scary activity to partake in. Add a position with a name like “the spider,” and my arachnophobic bum is running out of the bedroom — no thank you very much. With that said, a missionary-cowgirl-doggy style rotation gets old quickly, and hot sex positions are the perfect antidote to a lackluster sex life.

Trying a new position can be scary, especially when the description of said position makes you regret quitting gymnastics in fourth grade. Are my legs really supposed to touch my nose like that diagram suggests? Am I supposed to assume that I’ll be able to stop thinking about my weight and relax while my partner holds me up against a wall?

While all of these fears are valid, most of these positions sound a lot scarier than they are in actuality. If you’re looking to woman up and try something new, why not go all the way? There are so many positions out there, and only so much time, so try something extra. Here are four hot sex positions that only sound scary.

Disclaimer: If you feel generally scared during sex, like, for your safety, then get yourself to a safe place away from that partner. Disclaimer number two: Whoever is in charge of naming sex positions has a really strange mind.

The Waterfall to watch video


When I hear the word “waterfall,” I’m immediately imagining a sudden rush of liquid, which is not exactly what I (or anyone) am looking for in the bedroom. Requiring liquid only in name (though of course, lubrication is always helpful), the Waterfall has to do with the physical position you and your partner take on. You pretty much bend over backwards like a waterfall rushing out of your waist. I know, sounds terrifying.

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