Ladies!!! Ways to satisfy men in marriage

Different factors have been adduced for brake up of marriages, one of which is when the husband is no longer satisfied with his wife for reason best known to him.

The Hope spoke with some married men on what can make them go back on their marital vows to women they once cherished and promised to love till death do them apart. They revealed that for any man to be satisfied in a union, needs sex, trust, peace, understanding, respect, forgiveness, tolerance among others for the union to be enjoyable.

Mr Sunny Ademusayo, a public servant, in his contribution said that one of the major reasons for marriage institution is sex, which cannot be played down, for any home to be successful. “Regular sex between husband and wife brings intimacy and act as umbilical cord that joins couple together which cannot be broken. It makes a man feel that he is not being denied of his conjugal right.

“Taking a plebiscite will show that inability of some women to satisfy their men in this regard is the major cause why most marriages brake up. Satisfying your man sexually makes him go extra mile to care for the woman and protect the union”.

In the submission of a banker, Mr Olusegun Olusola, said that a man feels satisfied in a marriage when he is accorded his due respect to bring about peace in the home.”I will anytime love a woman that gives me my due regard. Respect in the sense that if she offends me, let her kneel down and say that I am sorry.

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” There was a time my wife offended me and she thought that she could bribe me with sex. When she made the move, I relocated to the sitting room. Very early in the morning of the second day, she came and knelt down and said that she was sorry. I saw the genuineness in her and forgave her and we settled it amicably. There are some issues in marriage that sex cannot handle except they are trashed out. Besides, it is not all men that are sex addict. According me my due respect gives me satisfaction.”

In his opinion, Mr Kayode Akinbo, a civil servant, said that he can only be satisfied in a marriage when his secret known to his wife is kept without going back to it. “I can be satisfied and fulfilled in a union if I am not reminded of my past mistakes. Remembering a man of his past mistake is like trying to re-open already healed wound with sharp object.

“Some women are good at doing this forgetting that telling your wife your painful past mistake is telling her a top secret which only her sweetening words can make a man forget since everyone has a past. But this is what some wives will refer to at any slightest provocation to spite their husbands. Doing this makes a man feel insecured, unsatisfied, betrayed and look for alternative.

“No man will be satisfied spending the rest of his life with such a woman that capitalises on her husband’s weakness to taunt him because one’s secret is one’s weakness and if a man cannot share his secret with his wife, then the man cannot be satisfied in such a marriage”

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Akinbo added that another thing that can easily put a man off in a marriage is when there is no peace. “No man can trade his peace for anything. When the home is peaceful, there is bond to be development because a man can only think right in a peaceful marriage. While absence of peace brings sicknesses and eventually leads to death.”

Mr Ife Adebowale, an architect, explained that a man will want to ease himself of a union if the wife is not contended and always comparing her husband with other men, who are financially buoyant than him as he added that such a woman is not the understanding type that can assist the man to grow.

The architect further said that a man needs a romantic wife to be satisfied in a union. “Most wives are romantic during the initial years of marriage but as responsibilities grow and kids are born, their focus changes.They fall into a domestic routine and romance is put aside. This also makes a man not to be satisfied in a marriage.

“Another very important point that makes a man not to be contended in a marriage is when there is no trust. The moment a man senses that his wife cannot be trusted, knows that his life is in danger and immediately runs for safety. Otherwise, death is imminent.”

Author: Don9ja