Ten(10) sexy, new ideas to bring passion back in your life!

Spice up your sex life

Spice up your sex lifeYou’ve wooed, courted and done all things romantic with your partner but now your love life has reached a plateau. The bedroom which was once your sex haven has now become a room to crash after a hard day’s work. Don’t let monotony set in and put an end to your bedroom romp. You can spice things up and get that passion back in your sex life with innovative and naughty ideas:

Enchant with scent

A good turn-on is not just how you look physically but also how you smell. Fragrances come in handy to draw someone’s attention. Don’t underestimate the power of a good perfume – spray it on delicate areas like the neckline and entice your partner with its aroma. But remember, don’t overdo it, you want to attract them, not repel or start a sneeze-fest with a strong whiff. If you are in the mood for something more adventurous, try a pheromone perfume which will help release the hormone oxytocin, known as the bonding pheromone. Spray it on your sensitive areas to relax the skin and heat up the passion.

Love massage

Open a spa in your bedroom for just your loved one. Surprise her by dimming the lights and creating an ambience by placing essential oils and candles around. A sensual massage in the erogenous zones is not only excellent foreplay, but a good way to bond with your loved one and explore their pleasure points. Use aromatic essential oils to make the experience more pleasurable. And if you have a wild, hot wax fantasy, pour some candle wax from this massage candle on your partner and gently massage their body. That’s not all – the aphrodisiac fragrance with a blend of essential oils and shea butter will pleasure your senses too. And don’t you worry, it melts at body temperature, making it comfortable to pour on the skin without scalding it.

Chocolate fantasy

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Chocolate and sex – ain’t it a lethal combo? Combine the two and you’ll forget you ever had a dry spell in your love life. Get some chocolate body fondue and take turns to smear it on each other’s bodies and let your tongue do the rest. It can get messy but sometimes that’s what you need to raise the temperature. Make your partner’s body your canvas. And simply lick it off!


Perhaps corny but heart-shaped things can never go out of fashion when it comes to matters of the… well, heart and love! Set the mood for sex by gifting your paramour heart-shaped edible body toppings!

Kiss like a pro!

There is no better way to start your foreplay with passionate kisses which take your loved one by surprise. Hold them close and alternate between deep kisses and pecks. Show them what they’ve missed by showering every inch of their body with your kisses. Try kissable body oils to take it a notch higher. Apply this on your partner’s body and gently blow to release its scent and warmth and continue with your kisses till things get hot and heavy.

Woo with a vow

Take a rather naughty spin-off to wedding vows by fulfilling each other’s dark fantasies. Note them down and then surprise your lover by enacting the same when they least expect it. Perhaps a role-playing session or making out on the floor? To help you, try these kinky love cards to get you in the mood.

Naughty negligee

The easiest way to get passion back is by dressing up, rather dressing down. Provocative lingerie, kinky negligee which reveal more than they hide – got your pulse racing, didn’t we? Surprise your man with this baby doll costume or this lace teddy! We bet he won’t forget this session for a long time to come!

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Romantic gestures

You started your journey by wooing one another with romantic gestures but they seem to disappear over time. Rekindle the lost romance with spicy ideas from these romance cards! They are sure to keep you busy with each other all-year-long.

Play the game of love

Love is a game and you need to play it right to be on top. Take things a notch higher by engaging in naughty games perhaps a game of spin the bottle or strip poker and let the winner have their wish fulfilled in a manner they like. Let your desires soar as you win this love game in the confines of your bedroom. Besharam offers its own version of all night love affair. Roll the dice and start playing by pulling sexy love affair cards.

Say it with roses

A rose is one of the most romantic expressions of love. Remind your lover of your wedding night by sprinkling rose petals on your bed and making love like there’s no tomorrow. Or get down on your knee and profess your love (or lust!). To make things more exciting, decorate your bedroom and take them there blindfolded for a surprise recreation of your first nighttogether.



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