STUDY-Things you should never ever say in a relationship

RelationshipWhether you’ve been in a long-term relationship or you’ve just started a new romance, make sure you avoid making comments like ‘you have gained weight’ or ‘you shouldn’t be eating that’.

Even if you want your partner to get fit and healthy, be prudent with your words. Here are some of the words you must avoid using, reports huffingtonpost.com:

You’ve put on weight: The weight gain may not really be about food. Barring a health issue, like a thyroid problem, an increase in size is often a side effect of emotional eating. So, if your partner has put on weight, they may be turning to food to cope with something else that’s going on. Rather than bringing up the weight, just ask, ‘Are you okay?’.

You shouldn’t be eating that: Even if your mate is munching unhealthy snack, pointing it out implies judgment, which feels awful coming from a romantic partner. The best way to help is not to point out what your partner is doing wrong, but instead consistently and casually offer healthy options in a non-judgmental fashion.

Haven’t you had enough: Monitoring portions can often lead to secret binges or purposefully overeating when the bullying partner isn’t around. Try practical ways to curb portions, like using smaller plates, breaking up leftovers into single, smaller servings and reducing portions of starchy foods like whole-grain pasta and rice and displacing them with more veggies.



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