How to Find Happiness Again After a Failed Relationship

There is no reason to stay disillusioned and discouraged after a failed relationship, regardless of whether it was a long-term or short-term relationship. If you feel discouraged and disillusioned, don’t! The world is a big place and there is someone for you on this planet who will come into your life and you both will have the type loving relationship you really want.
There are actions you can take to kick start this process and find happiness again and soon enough.
Action #1: Set a Mourning Period
Ancient cultures practised this in order to pour out their grief and show respect. It is perfectly normal to mourn the relationship so you should set a time frame for this. The mourning period should not be for an extensive period of time, just short enough for you to pour your grief and emotions into it and snap out of it. Make it reasonably short in a way that works for you.
Action #2: Remove Anchors to the Past
Anchors are devices that keep you stuck in place and prevent progress. There are of two forms – emotional anchors and physical anchors. Emotional anchors are the feelings – love, hate, bitterness, anger, etc. Physical anchors are the elements that carry energy which could keep you stuck – photographs, mementos, gifts, etc relating to the past relationship(s). These emotional and physical anchors carry an energy that may be blocking you from finding love or having stable relationships. Nature abhors a vacuum so you need to create a vacuum by removing these anchors.
Action #3: Take a Moment to Understand Yourself
I mean really get to know yourself. What are your motivations, what are your strengths, weaknesses, your personality, what shaped it, which kind of people suit you best, what kind of lifestyle is in alignment with your true self? This is the sort of understanding you should get about yourself. This understanding will help you immensely.
Action #4: Reinvent Yourself for You
Do those things you have been wanting to do but never found the time. Also do things that make you happy. Adopt an exercise routine that creates balance. Change your diet to one that aligns with your system. Learn a foreign language. Travel. Just do something new.
Action #5: Create an Energy Shift
You know that everything has an energy. Sometimes the things in our physical environment block us from getting what we really want. For instance looking at opposing images or pictures of the things you want in your life. You want happiness, then look at happiness and focus on it. You want a happy life with a great loving relationship, then stop listening to sappy love songs about break ups and heartbreak. Switch to things that have the energy you want in your life.
Action #6: Become a Magnet for Love
There are a number of processes to follow to become a magnet for love. For starters come to terms with who you are and truly love yourself. Lavish yourself with love. Something else you can do is to decide on the kind of love life you want and with what kind of person and be clear about it, and use the law of attraction to attract and manifest the person in your life.
These actions taken together will help you get over the failed relationship quickly and move into a zone of receiving the love you truly desire.
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Author: Don9ja