Six(6) Benefits Of Having A Big Penis

you are a guy, it is not at all unusual to have ever thought about having a bigger penis. Men put a lot of emphasis on their manhood but that’s because our penis means everything to us, it’s what makes us men! Having a big penis isn’t just about
physical size though, it is also about the numerous benefits that come with being well-endowed. You may have your own reasons for wanting a bigger penis but here are some you may have missed. Let’s now look at 6 benefits of having a big penis:

1. You can forget about your partner’s ex-lovers
When you have a large penis, you don’t need to worry about your partner’s ex-lovers (these days, most women will have slept with at least one other person before meeting their current partner). You don’t need to wonder if they were big down there, if your girl is mentally comparing yours with theirs and worrying if she might be disappointed. You can put an end to all that insecure thinking and forget her past lovers ever existed because yours is just as, if not more, impressive.

2. You get lots of attention from women
Just the reputation of being the guy with a big penis is enough to attract a lot of female attention. Women view men with big penises as being more attractive and capable. This has even been proven in scientific studies.

Penis size is part of a man’s allure. It is one of three things that tantalizes a woman; the other two being a man’s height and body shape. There is a distinct possibility that women have been responsible for men’s penises getting larger over the course of evolution, as women tend to associate a larger penis with a higher chance of reaching orgasm and therefore prefer to choose a male partner with a large sexual member. This could explain why the human penis is proportionally bigger than that of our evolutionary cousins.

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3. Your self-confidence and self-esteem is boosted
Following on from the last point, getting lots of attention from women because of your big penis, in turn boosts your self-confidence. It also does wonders for your self-esteem as feeling confident around women makes you feel good about yourself as a man. Keep things in check though – having a large penis should be just one source of your self-esteem and confidence rather than your only source; but it makes an invaluable contribution that’s for sure.

4. With you, women get more satisfaction
Women may say the following line about a small penis “it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts” and it may be true but, only partly. This is because most women prefer men who are well-endowed. A woman can have more fun with a well-endowed penis and respond more favorably during sex. It is also more likely to make a woman happy in bed by ‘filling her up’ and giving her the satisfaction that she is looking for.

5. Helps To Keep your woman attached to you
Women love sex just as much as men. Having a big penis puts you in an advantageous position of giving your woman sexual satisfaction. When you can please a woman in bed, she is more likely to want to stay with you. This may be a politically incorrect thing to say in this day and age but the fact is that if a woman has fun and enjoys having sex with you, you have a greater likelihood of her wanting to stay attached to you.

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6. You get admiration and respect from your fellow man
Who doesn’t want to be admired and respected? When you have a large penis and other guys come to hear of it, they can’t help but admire you for it, believing you to be lucky with the ladies and are secretly jealous of you at the same time.

Author: Don9ja