How to Ask a Girl to Sleep With You – 3 Smooth Ways to Do it and Get Lucky Tonight


Having sex is one of the most powerful male fantasies every guy strives for when meeting and dating women. Getting laid makes a man feel like a man and let’s face the fact that a hundred

percent of the time, it’s the prime reason why we hook up with girls in the first place. Now let’s look at the bigger picture: how do you exactly ask a girl to sleep with you tonight? Here are the top secrets, revealed:

Don’t ask — lead her on. Can you imagine yourself saying this to a girl: “Hi! I was wondering if you want to sleep with me tonight.” Though some girls would find this cute but definitely think it’s a joke, or others might be offended and give you a slap or two, it all depends on the level of comfort you already have for each other. So instead of asking her directly, why not make use of subtleties — lead her to your car all the way to your apartment. Well, she can say no or make excuses — but when she doesn’t; she may want to do it just as you do.
Build sexual tension. Don’t be scared to make your conversations a little naughty (or dirty). Play footsie under the table or rest your palm on her thigh — electrifyingly exciting I assure you. Keep the mood sensual and thrilling and your bedroom action later will be reeking of passion and intensity soon enough.

Initiate intimacy. Hold her hand, kiss her neck, caress her back and maintain eye contact — intimacy is a vital ingredient if you want to seduce her into sleeping with you tonight. Also, women want to be mentally stimulated first so you might want to exchange a few animated conversations and banter with her when the night is still young. Make her feel good and relaxed and she’ll be more than willing to get adventurous with you later on.


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