How to Seduce Your Boss! And Make Her Sleep With You – With Office Seduction Tricks

Ah, the thrill of office romance! But how do you tie down a career-minded woman? If you are after your female boss, be prepared for a rough ride. For starters, she’ll be a little more hesitant to sleep with anyone she works with – especially a
subordinate, because, let’s face it: there’s a good chance he’ll just be using her to get ahead in the workplace. However, with what I am about to share with you, she won’t be able to resist the temptation.

You need to remember, though: this article wasn’t written with the intention of getting you ahead in the office. This article was merely written to help you successfully start and maintain an office romance. So, with that in mind, good luck and happy hunting.
– Don’t be a slacker. Career-driven women tend to be very goal-oriented and time conscious. Avoid wasting her time by making your feelings known as soon as possible and you’ll find that she will appreciate you much more. Flirt aggressively in the office and she’ll get the hint soon enough.

– Just a little attention. Giving her gifts is a great way to show you’re interested and there’s always an excuse to be found in the office to shower her with a little attention. If possible, try to find gifts that could have some sexual innuendo, like lollipops or ice cream cones. A word of warning, though: DO NOT come on too strong, giving her a penis shaped popsicle to lick will not only not go down well as this would be liable to get you fired for sexual harassment. Keep your gifts and your overall seduction subtle.

– Confirmation. Once you’ve ensured that everything’s in place and going according to plan, and once those first soaring flames of desire are burning in her, ask her on a date to seal the deal.

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