The Pros and Cons of an Open Relationship

Relationships take work. While we hope that they remain hot, sexy and frequently orgasmic, we know that is not always the case. You have no doubt that you are attracted to your partner.  The way she moves, the shape of her lips, and that smile cause all parts of you to feel good.  Yet lately, something between the two of you is off. Before the distance reaches the point of “It’s not you, it’s me”, you open up. To your surprise, she agrees with you. She, like you, was hoping for some divine intervention to fix the growing unspeakable drift. She wants you as much as you want her. After a surprisingly open and candid conversation, two things happen.  The first, is a realization that communication is actually healthy.  The second is finding out both you and your girlfriend are interested in traveling down a kinkier, alternative path.  With all of the various options at your fingertips you both decide to venture into an open relationship.Are-there-any-rules

A quick internet search explains the concept of an Open Relationship.  Google’s definition:

“a marriage or relationship in which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with others”

The idea that you are giving each other free passes to explore fantasies with other people is mind blowing. Are you ready to go down that path? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if an open relationship is right for you.

happy young couple in bed at morning

Pro: The anticipation of being with someone new, with zero guilt and full approval of your partner is quite erotic. For some couples just the acknowledgement that this is possible is enough to heat things up in the bedroom. Even before you take that first step, enjoy the planning. What is it about being with another person that turns you or your partner on? An explicit conversation, will yield a tighter connection before you both take that next step.

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Con: There are many scenarios that can go wrong when delving into this alternative lifestyle. One of the true pitfalls is falling in love with the other person. Oh man, this is a serious no, no. An open relationship is about sex.  It is not about forming a new relationship with someone else.  If you find that love for someone other than your mate has entered into the mix, then please know your status has changed. You are now in affair territory. Not good.two-sexy-women-in-bed

Pro: Make it a couple venture. She has always wanted to be with another woman and this is the perfect forum to have this happen. The best part: you both agree that you can watch. You do not ask to join.  This is for her and she knows it. She is excited by the possibility but more so, she is turned on by you.  Good things happen when people are selfless.  Really good things!

Con: Do not break the rules. Before you begin, there must be guidelines. Once you both agree to them, never stray.  An open relationship while possibly tantalizing can be disastrous when honesty takes a back seat. It will work through trust.  If you an issue with that, don’t bother and waste your time or your partner’s time, an open relationship is not for you.

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