Ways Your Relationships cannot Stand The Test of Time Without Sex

We all know that intimacy is an important part of a healthy relationship. For many, sex is a crucial component of intimacy. We tend to feel uninhibited, free and unabashed when we have sex, allowing for our barriers to be dropped. Through this freedom, the possibility to connect through intimacy is prevalent and real. It feels as if sex and intimacy go hand in hand.  So, what happens when sex takes a backseat in a relationship.  Can it survive?

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When you and your partner first met, you found that there was not enough time in the day to see each other.  Rabbits had nothing on the two of you. He would give you that half smile, and you knew that in moments you would be wrapped in his arms and living out your fantasies.  Life and years went by, and while you still find him desirable, that rush to have sex has waned.  In fact, you would rather, clean the house, or watch a movie, or even read a book, than have sex. It is not that you don’t want him, you just find the act of sex, so exhausting.  Here is the weird part, he feels the same way as well.

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Is a relationship regressing or evolving when sex takes a backseat? The answer to that question is as unique to the people involved. For a sexless relationship to survive, both parties must be on the same page. This couple have found different ways to create their intimacy.  For them, it can be a simple as a kiss, or a hug, or holding hands.  Their bond continues to grow and strengthen in ways that may sound mundane to many.  It is not for everyone.

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When couples have kids, or heavy work schedules, or stress, sex appears to be less important to their happiness. What begins to take centre stage is finding out what the other person can do to help alleviate some of the day to day weight. When both you and your mate make the effort to truly understand what makes each other tick, you have found your intimacy.  Weeks and months may go by without a night of lovemaking, yet the two of you are stronger than ever. You are in sync with the needs of your partner. This is powerful.

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Can a relationship survive without sex? Yes it can, as long a both parties remain on the same page.

Author: Don9ja