Hot Tips on How You Can Enjoy Sex in The Shower

Shower sex can be very exciting and sexy until you actually try it out. There are couples who make frequent visits to the hospital’s emergency room because they either slipped on soap while having bathroom sex or because they banged their head on the wall while changing positions.

To enjoy shower sex is as important as making sure that it is safe. Here are a few safe ideas that you can indulge in to avoid embarrassing situations and enjoy sex.

Clean each other

Applying soap/shampoo on each other’s body can be sexy. But, I recommend you to not indulge in intercourse at this point of time. You can rather indulge in scrubbing or cleaning each other’s body.


You can indulge in foreplay by initially kissing and caressing each other’s body. You can also watch yourselves in the mirror as you fondle and play with each other’s genitals.

Give each other oral

Even if you are not comfortable in giving oral to each other every other day, today can be it. Running water can make your genitals wet and clean; so go down on your partner and satisfy each other.


If you can wait, continue with the sexual intercourse in the bedroom, else, spread a towel on the flat surface before you begin anything serious inside the bathroom itself.

Hold onto something

Bathrooms tend to be slippery with all the running water and the flooring. Therefore, it is important for you to have sex safely. If you are having sex standing up, hold onto something tightly. Be it dress hanger or the bathroom knob. Also make sure you are far away from slippery objects like soap, shampoo, etc.

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Take it slow and enjoy the sex.

Author: Don9ja