How Men Can Give Women Powerful Orgasms by Sucking Her Breasts

Most women can have a powerful orgasm through sucking their nipples and breasts because there is a nerve that connects the nipples and her clitoris. Learn the four steps for creating this great pleasure for her. Imagine what you will get in return.
This also makes it very convenient because you don’t even have to get to her lower parts. If you’re somewhere where that would be very difficult you can still give her a great orgasm by sucking her nipples. That’s assuming you know how.
Here are four easy steps to follow.
Step One. You must get to her head and make her ready for it. Never force a woman into anything. Make her want it instead. Get her excited by getting her in the mood for it. Thousands upon thousands of songs have been written about getting the woman in the mood but when the moment comes, most men just rush ahead and forget about that.
Not only will the woman get more excited, but the man will have one of the best times of his life, if he takes his time and enjoys the long session. Take your time.
Step Two. Before you start kissing her breasts do some preliminary “work.” Tease her ears and neck. Kiss the sides of her mouth, and tell how pretty she is. Give her some great kissing with mouth and tongue. Some women can have a great climax just by kissing her mouth.
How cool would that be if you’re trying to get her to come through her breasts and you get a great climax through kissing her mouth?
Step Three. Do some preliminary teasing on her breasts. Ask her to take her bra off. Why wrestle with it and lose the fun of having her slowly take it off? She wants to take it off. She wants you to ask her to take it off.
Do some preliminary teasing on the undersides of her globes. Don’t touch the nipples yet. Tease her breasts by kneading them softly, caressing them, and kissing all but the nipple.
Step Four. Sucking her off. Now tease her nipple with your fingers and twist it a little. Pull it out. Don’t hurt her but she loves the pulling action.
Now, finally, apply your lips to her swollen nipples. Use a little teeth action as you graze them over her pink nipples. Pull a little.
She should start gasping. Now take her breasts, swollen as they are, in your hands and milk them. Draw her nipples into your mouth and suck. Suck the nipples in and let them go. Suck and let them draw back. This is almost like the motion that you make when you are stroking your penis. Stroke and let it go with your mouth.
See how much pressure she can take. If it doesn’t hurt her, then suck them as hard as you can. Listen for feedback and tell her some naughty stories as you can.
Ask her how close she is to coming. No pressure, but talking about it might enhance the experience. She should be about ready to come now.
I’ll leave a candle burning for you.
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Author: Don9ja