How to know if you’re in the Right relationship You once Dream off


Relationships can be captivating when in it and devastating when it ends. Different people deal with the trauma differently. Most people react instantaneously while others try to ease it out by searching for new relationships; this relationship is what most people call – a rebound relationship – one in which your lover is just a cushion to lay your hurting heart on.

Well, are you one of those people who are in a rebound relationship? Here are a few tips to find out whether you are in such a relationship or you’re contemplating one:

  1. You wouldn’t mind dating anyone – When you’re just out of a relationship that has caused heartache, anyone that gives you attention can be your soul mate – in your eyes at least. Even the very first person that walks into your life and shows you concern, which I may warn you is not always genuine, “is a perfect match”! Be on the lookout for this attitude, because it is very typical of post break up behavior.
  2. You often talk about your ex with your new partner – You may find yourself in conversation with your current partner about your ex, though not necessarily regarding the positives in the relationship. But the fact that you are bringing it up every now and then shows leftover affection.
  3. You know you’ll go back into their arms if they make any efforts to woo you – If ever your ex would do anything that you fancied in your relationship, you know that you’d run back with arms wide open. This is a wrong place to be in!
  4. You’re going with the flow in the new relationship – You make no efforts to restore love and spice things up in your current relationship and you’re just waiting for things to happen. What you don’t understand is that you are clearly waiting for it to end and get back into the arms of your ex – who you would do anything for!
  5. You have terrible mood swings – Are you confused at most parts of the relationship and wonder how you got into it in the first place? You may find yourself extremely happy one day and the very next day some things about your partner may severely annoy you. If this is the case then it is clearly infatuation and not love.

You’re just not entirely happy

When such symptoms arise, it’s time to welcome the idea that you’re not over your ex and you are in a rebound relationship! Understand that this will hamper rather than heal the pain and will clearly hurt your current partner as well! Judge yourself! Be true to your new partner! Know the value of love and try your best never to demean it!


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