He's obsessed with video games

Signs to Show That You are Dating a ‘manboy’

You’re way past the honeymoon phase of dating, and true personalities are surfacing. Slowly you realise that the mantastic guy you were dating is turning into a manboy. Here we state signs that show you’re dating a manboy.

He’s over-obsessed with video games

He's obsessed with video games

He’s obsessed with video games

He skips meeting you to play videogames at home. Well, manboy trait number one. Instead of interacting with you he chooses to interact with his videogames, this clearly shows he isn’t mature enough to handle you.

He’s jealous of your male friends

He cant deal with your male friends

He cant deal with your male friends

Having male friends doesn’t always mean you want to have sex with them. But a manboy seems to think that way. He acts weird when your guy friends post on your Facebook wall. He’s jealous of the male names in your phone contacts, even though he has no idea who they are. He forbids you to hang out one-on-one with your old college buddy, strictly because he’s a dude.

He can’t deal with your period

A manboy still gets grossed out every time you mention your period. He gets embarrassed when you shop for tampons with him. He needs to grow up. It is a natural bodily function and he needs to understand that. Well, if he’s a manboy, I guess he won’t.

He makes sexist jokes

This is proper douche bag behaviour. All this seemed funny when you were younger, well not even then actually. Women are terrible drivers, women belong in the kitchen, and women can’t control their emotions – these sexist jokes are seriously annoying and manboys love them.

He cares only about looks

Has he complimented you on your intelligence? Your taste? Your abilities? Your sense of humour? Anything that doesn’t involve how you look? Manboys have this trait about them.

If you are dating a manboy, you need to understand that if he isn’t going to man up, you will have to deal with problems.

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