It’s not rare to find a Christian lady who finds men outside the faith more attractive than Christian men. Guys, you have probably been a victim of this, where the lady you are strongly attracted to seems to have her eyes outside and it’s not hard to see why.

Here are 5 things Christian men do that Christian ladies consider a total turnoff:

1. No Sense Of Humour

It’s not clear if young Christian men now interpret being spiritual as being rigid, but this is actually a major problem. It has been said over and over that men like ladies who laugh a lot, but how do you expect her to laugh if your sense of humour is zero and you are likely to get offended every time she tries to make a joke? Every good and perfect gift is from God. Laughter and humour are good gifts. Please try to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

2. The Lord Said…

As much as Christian ladies love the Lord (as they should) and are willing to go the extra mile for Him, no lady wants to get married out of a religious obligation, rather than romantic interest. It’s fine if you have heard clearly from God that this lady is your wife, but you’ll most likely send her away if the first thing you declare is, ‘The Lord says you are my wife.’ Let her know how you sincerely feel about her first. It will make her know that you appreciate her as a person and that you have genuine interest in her.

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3. Dressing Shabbily

Thank God for Christian men who are starting to get it right. You can’t walk up to a lady now, looking like John the Baptist and expect her to pay you any attention. Many give the excuse that God does not look on the physical and what is on the inside is what matters. That’s true, but the Bible doesn’t say that the physical is totally irrelevant. For a human, your physical appearance does matter, especially if you are coming on the ground of romantic interests.

4. Addressing Her As ‘Sister’

For every other Christian sister in the congregation, addressing them as ‘Sister A’ or ‘Sister B’ is not a problem, but for the lady whom you are romantically interested in, addressing her as sister just might be creating a wide gap which might take a while to fill. If you’re interested in being joined with her in holy matrimony, you’re going to start off as friends, and while she may not admit it to you, calling her ‘Sister’ means you’re zoning her and yourself, of course. If she is fine with it, call her by her name. It establishes a sort of familiarity.

5. Zero Romance

Can someone please tell Christian brothers that God is not against romance? He instituted it. He is the origin of it and who else would display it in its fullness if not His sons, who have His Spirit living within them? Every lady wants a man who can sweep her off her feet. Take tips from King Solomon and unleash the romantic you, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of course.

Author: Don9ja