Independent and free

Things That Makes Long Distance Relationships So Interesting!

Most couples don’t prefer the long distance relationship routine. They think it’s the sole cause for all break-ups. Well, you are wrong! Have y’all even tried a long distance relationship for the benefits? If you’re truly in love with you better half, you both will do your best to make it work. Let me tell you what makes long distance relationships so interesting.

Conversations are meaningful

With long distance relationships, the conversations may be short but the good thing is that each conversation you have with your loved one is meaningful. All the good stuff that has happened to you in the week, you manage to squeeze it all in that small time frame. Now who says long distance relationships aren’t good!

Independent and free

Independent and free

Long distance relationships make you independent and free

Being away from your partner means you have to stand on your own two feet. You have to fend for yourself. There will be many challenges and obstacles that will come your way, which you will have to face on your own. Don’t you think when your partner sees how independent you have become, she will be proud of you?

Trust is an important factor

There has to be trust in a long distance relationship. I agree your partner is living a thousand miles away, and it becomes difficult to trust. If you don’t start to trust her now, then when will you… after you guys break up? Take my advice and have a little faith in her, see how she appreciates it.

Every moment is special

Every moment is special

You cherish every moment with your loved one.

Every single Skype or phone call you guys make to each other is a moment that you cherish a lot. This makes the long distance relationship more interesting.

You guys are happy for each other

You and your loved one know that you guys are dealing with a lot of nonsense in life and to top it off you guys are in a long distance relationship. This shows how much you love each other and will make the necessary sacrifices to keep this relationship going strong.

A long distance relationship is not a cake walk. It takes a lot of effort, toil, sacrifices and diligence to make sure that it goes a long way with the one you love. Sustaining the relationship is half the battle won. Good Luck :)

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