Hot-Things Women Wear That Men Can’t Stand


From our bodies to our politics to our place in the home, men have a whole lot to say about what women are doing at all times.  Our clothes too?  Can we have anything that men don’t speak out on?  It’s fine, because last we checked, they aren’t the fashion police and we all look fantastic.  It’s a great thing that women dress for themselves and not the opposite sex or else we might have to care about the male opinion.  These are the things that women wear that men can’t stand.

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Things Women Wear That Men Can’t Stand

High-waisted jeans. According to men, it makes women look like they’re wearing mom jeans. As if they aren’t all Oedipal as hell. Mom jeans just scare them because they’re forced to face their complex.

Bows. Men think bows and other cutesy accessories make women look too immature. It makes them feel weird. That’s noble, but they’re cute so bows are here to stay.

Shoulder pads This is a look. Those who love vintage know that shoulder pads can be fierce. Men don’t like this look because it makes women look masculine. The reality is that some women actually have broad shoulders, and others want broad shoulders. Some women are in fact masculine, and that’s up to them.

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