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Ten(10) Ways to Make Your Workspace More Cozy

Because you tend to be stuck on your desk for long, you might want to look for ways to make your workspace more cozy.  I mean work is where you spend most of your day. You spend almost 8 to 10 hours per day on your desk, which makes it necessary that the area surrounding you reflects some calmness to boost your motivation as well. What do you want to change about your office desk? Is the chaotic clutter what makes you shudder? On your glummest days, find out the 10 way to make your workspace more cozy:

1. Adjusting the lighting of your office desk by using a little lamp has a major effect on your concentration and definitely make your workspace more cozy. Bring your bedside lamp or a customized one to your workspace and it will make a nice change to the usual florescent lights.

2. Adding family/friends pictures to your desk is one of the cutest ways to add homeyness to your workplace. By having pictures of your loved ones around you, you will eliminate the feel of stress and it will remind you of home comforts.

3. “Kick ass” or “You can do it!” sticky notes from friends or workmates is another way to make your workspace more cozy as they have the ability to add a super fun element to your desk. This kind of messages will act as a constant motivation and will transfer some cheerful vibes if you stick them to your computer or on the wall.

4. Organizing your piles in a stylish manner and getting rid of extra papers is a smart way to make your office desk more cozy and organised. A colorful paper organizer, binder or even a stylish notebook is always better than having unwanted folders all over the place. The fact that you have a cleaner and more organised desk will leave you thrilled and put you in a good mood.

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5. Pin up some motivational quotes to bring some energy to your everyday. In the hectic and super fast pace of your working day, sometimes you need to stop and stare at something that makes you appreciate what you’re doing. Inspiring quotes surely deserve a spot on your desk!

6. Color your natural everyday setting by adding some office accessories with your favourite color. In order to make your workplace more cozy, opt for a colorful pen cup or card holder with your most loved hue. Never settle for a colorless cubic workspace!

7. Flowers on your desk can always connect you to the outside world in addition to perfuming the air around you. Add a chic vase with a colorful range of flowers and inhale some fresh scents. Stop and smell the roses!

8. Having easy access to chocolate and candy while working is always a good idea! Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, but also it will make your desk more inviting and enhance socializing; hence a friendly working environment. Two birds, one stone!

9. Remember the souvenir you got from your last vacation? Use it to make your workspace more cozy and add a post card or key chain from your last trip on your desk as it’s a constant reminder of good and fun times. An instant mood booster!

10. Don’t ignore the floor under your desk chair. A chair mat beneath you will personalize your surrounding and make a great combo along with your desk if you choose the right color. It will also prevent your rolling office chair from moving around so easily.

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