Four(4) Signs That he is in Love

Poets, philosophers and musicians have been writing about love for millennia. However, we still haven’t figured out after all of these years how it goes! But we do know that the falling in love process is one of the greatest things about humanity. But it can be confusing if you’re unsure of your partner’s feelings. Our guest writer Mike Goldstein from EZDatingcoach gives us his tips on how to know if your man is falling for you.

You go on 8-10 dates with the same guy and you are crazy about him and he treats you like a million bucks. Wahoo! You made it to the promise land. But wait, are you guys exclusive?
Who knows, which has made modern dating complicated.
So what are some clear signs that most likely alludes to your guy being in love with you?

1. He Makes Future Plans With You

If your man is planning a vacation months away, asks you to a wedding months in advance, or begins discussing what it may look like to live together than it is a good sign he expects to be together by the time these future events happen.

2. Introductions to Friends and Family

If he introduces you to his mom, he is most likely serious about you. If your guy’s mom is anything like my Jewish mother, a million questions take place after telling her about a girl. Your guy most likely doesn’t want a million questions unless it is serious.

3. He Will Do Things With or For You That He Doesn’t Want To Do

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As a single person, you listen to yourself and you do whatever is the most fun thing to do in that moment. You have zero or minimal responsibility and you don’t report to anyone. However, if all of a sudden he is willing to go to Bed Bath and Beyond with you on a Saturday well most likely he is into you.

4. He Keeps Dating You Even After You Refuse To Sleep With Him

A man is looking for sex and finds love. If he is willing to go on 5 plus dates without having sex with you then he is continuing to date you because you have piqued his interest and he wants to get to know you better. (If he was just looking for sex he would move onto someone who was willing to put out after much fewer dates.)

If your man is doing the above 4 actions well guess what, he probably loves you! Congratulations! If he doesn’t do these, well it might be time to go find a guy who treats you how you deserved to be treated.
Remember, everyone deserves love and everyone can get it with a little bit of effort and some good strategy.


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