Sixteen(16) Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can’t Even Understand!

The term “woman” is basically meant to recognize an adult female, with the term “girl” being reserved for youngsters. To describe Snoop Dogg, “being a woman or a girl is not that simple”. In today’s world the society we reside in is mostly patriarchal and on a daily basis women face challenges that men don’t even have to deal with – after all, it is common in a modern society that is structured to benefit one gender over another. Over the years people fought for gender equality and there are many intellects that claim to establish equality but still, women’s rights have a long way to go and even this fight is still ongoing.

So let’s look at the obstacles which girls face on a daily basis that men can’t understand!

1. They are expected to compete with other women

There’s a belief dominant in our society that only a single woman can succeed at something. In the world of media, the Smurfette Principle comes into play that is unrestrained, as well as the workforce, where women basically are opposed to each other and the society expects them to show their true strength to achieve the pole position. I must say it is the biggest challenge among women.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

2. Not allowed to travel alone

A woman has to worry more about even when they simply go out in public alone and it’s worse when they travel alone. Parents are overprotective don’t allow their daughters to go out because they are aware of the reality of the world. Now traveling alone is easy but it is not less than the biggest challenges for a woman. This is the issue not only men but even the society can’t understand.

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Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand


3. The pink Tax

The pink tax, which refers to extra costs imposed on products and services marketed to women, is yet one of other challenges women face when it comes to economic prosperity.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

4. Representation of the entire women group

The world is very much competitive and if you’re a woman then you’re under constant challenges to perform well because your actions are under a lens and that reflects on your gender.



Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

5. Interests are not prioritized

Unfortunately, women’s interest finds places only in nowhere nowadays and when they become associated with something automatically they lose status in society’s eyes. This is evident in a workplace – when more and more women enter occupation they lose respect and status and face many challenges.

6. It is very much challenging to do anything during periods

It’s generally agreed that periods are the worst but for some women, it’s more like a nightmare because it weakens them. However, a woman is expected to overcome and carry on their tasks irrespective of physical status which means even if cramps are serious and they had to race over to washroom frequently that doesn’t matter. They have to carry on with their tasks whatever be the situation.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

7. It’s all in the woman’s head

We may try to explain that patriarchy hurts every woman but some are not going to listen to that. In fact, those people would state the misogyny that women experienced is all “in your head”.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

8. Women are not the default; they are the afterthought

As said earlier the society is patriarchal and everyone considers men to be essential and they are needed in each and every sphere of everything starting from the ad. campaign, magazines, books, and much more. . If a movie is directed by men or written about them – and there’s no case of anyone questioning the writer or the director. Now when it comes to women then, unfortunately, slapped with label “for women”. Women account for half the population in the earth and it is very much injustice as women are treated as niche by others.

Author: Don9ja