Comfortable Sex Position for You and Your Pregnant Wife

comfortable and safe sex positions in pregnancy

Your sexual drive is on an overdrive now and you and your partner could be enjoying some amazing sex right now, unless your gynaecologist has advised you otherwise. As your pregnancy proceeds the key is to find comfortable positions.

The missionary position, with you below and your partner above doing most of the work, works till the belly gets in the way. Also lying on the back could make you dizzy and thus you might want to get creative and experiment with these on the list we drew up –


Comfortable Sex Position for You and Your Pregnant Wife

  • Modified missionary

If you are not up to experimenting on any new positions now you could opt for this one. You lie on your back (you could prop yourself up with pillows or cushions and take the pressure off the back) with your legs hanging out of the edge of the bed. Your partner could still face you and enter you. The benefit is that his weight is not on your belly and his hands are still free to reach for your breasts and clitoris.

  • You on top

If you are up for it get on top and let your partner lie down facing you. This has multiple benefits – you don’t put pressure on your tummy, you don’t need to open your legs too wide, your partner can easily reach your breasts and clitoris. Need any more reasons to try it?

  • Doggy style

You lie down on your fours and let your partner enter your vagina from behind. This is great as it has the tummy out of the way, your back and pelvic muscle are not pressurised and your partner can always reach out and stimulate your clitoris. The best part penetration can be quite deep but do let your partner know if it makes you too uncomfortable.

  • Spoon :
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This is as self explanatory as it is. You let him lie down beside you and enter you from behind again. The penetration in this is shallow and comfortable.

Do remember, at any point in time, if you feel uncomfortable, stop and seek doctor approval before proceeding again.


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