Latest Sex Positions To Improve Emotional Connection With Your Partner

There is no denying that s3x is better when you are emotionally connect with your partner but in few cases, one start dating and then obviously get intimate but the emotional connect is building at its own pace. While one can try various tricks to intensify the bond outside the bedroom with dating, long meaningful conversations, simple but caring gestures and the likes, one can also build it even in bed. Below are some s3x positions you should try to improve your emotional connection with your partner.

Enveloped Missionary: “It’s the missionary position where the man envelopes or covers the woman completely, her legs are joined while he spreads his on the outside, the bodies are close, there is eye contact, and how can you not feel close emotionally here?”.

Woman on top: “A woman shows her dominant streak here and wants to see you moan, she wants you to relax and enjoy while she takes the effort, here the woman let’s off her guard and becomes more active in bed and that is sure to bring you both closer to each other”.

Spooning: “Even without any eye contact, spooning resembles cuddling and hence manages to create that intimacy couples look for, women enjoy cuddling and feel cared for and men also find it comforting because small gestures like hand holding build the connect”.

The lotus: “In this position, the man sits with his legs spread and the woman sits on his laps facing him and her legs wrapped around his waist, it’s a slow moving position that takes love making to another level and the embrace with hands and legs will make you feel more emotionally connected”.

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Reverse spooning: “Or sideways missionary is another position that resembles an embrace and gives you better eye contact, every erogenous zone is accessible in this position and so this helps induce more intimacy and emotion and you can cup each other’s face and kiss all over too”.

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