Reasons Men Engage in Marriage

Pop culture and movies would have us believe that men never want to tie the knot. However, that is far from the truth. Men do indeed want to get married, and there are several reasons why.

1 – Both men and women want marriage:

marriage 1

Although sentiments like “I never want to make a commitment!” and “I love my freedom!” are commonly used in movies and on TV, the reality is far from it. Men, just like women, do indeed want to get married.

2 – It is marriage to the wrong girl that is scary:

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Men are not afraid to commit as much as they are afraid to commit to the wrong woman. After all, divorce and separation are not easy.

3 – Why do men want to get hitched?

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While getting married may be a huge step, men want to do it for several reasons, some of which are as follows:

4 – Emotional stability and support:

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Daily life is full of stresses. From a terrible boss to being stuck in traffic, everything can make a guy stressed out. Having someone at home who can support you and take away your worries is a great plus of being married.

5 – Plenty of Sex:

Couple Kissing Passionately On Bed

Guys need to have sex; everyone knows that. And having a loving and enthusiastic partner who wants to make love to you too, is a great thing about being married.

6 – Love!

holidays, love, couple, relationship and dating concept - romantic man proposing to a woman in the autumn park

This seems like the most obvious reason. Men want to be in love too! They are just more hesitant in deciding who “The One” is. But give guys a chance; once they know they love a girl, they’ll stand by her through thick and thin.

7 – Help around the house:

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marriage 7

Everyone hates household chores; for men they seem truly annoying and difficult. So having another pair of hands to help with the cooking and laundry is definitely a huge advantage!

8 – Added income:

Smiling young couple deployment of money for bills at home

Let’s face it, everything is so expensive these days. Having additional income to help with household stuff is a great thing about being married.

9 – Babies:

marriage 9

Men might not be crazy about babies but ultimately they do want to start a family and pass on their genes!

10 – Someone to show off:

marriage 10

Not a very selfless reason for being married, but showing off your significant other does feel good. Especially showing her off to your ex!

11 – A constant companion:

marriage 11

Never again do men have to fear being rejected again; as they have a constant companion!

12 – Being a team:

marriage 12

Being married means being part of a team; you never have to face anything alone again!

Author: Don9ja