How possible is it to Turn a Long Term Relationship into permanent Relationship by One night Stand?

Is it possible to turn a one night stand into a permanent relationship? The idea that a one night stand happens causes a few to cringe in disgust. It could happen to anyone right? Mostly for the people who attend first dates. Most of the time, the people who attend these dates usually attend with the mind of getting to know whoever they’re going to see and in the other hand, there are those who attend these dates for the purpose of having one night stands.

Moreover, cultural stereotypes suggest that men are more likely to pursue one-night stands than women are. Why? Many believe that having casual s*x right off the bat arguably makes it easier to build a strong emotional connection with someone, because you’ve already breaking through a major comfort barrier (i.e., seeing the other person unclad). “You already know how that person is in bed. As you get to know each other, it’s just going to get better from there and you have more feelings.

You can actually get to know this person,” says Sameera Sullivan, a men’s matchmaker based in Manhattan. Although, different factors like luck, timing, and compatibility obviously play a role in whether a one-night stand can evolve into something more, some might argue that human biology predisposes us to developing deeper feelings for someone we have s*x with only once.

I came across this article that gives examples of a couple that turned a one night stand to forever.  For many, it is impossible while for others it is a maybe but enjoy the read.

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Author: Don9ja