Six(6) Unrealistic expectations girls expect from guys in a relationship

everyone imagines the best to happen before getting into relationship with someone, well most of the time the reality is totally different from what we imagine. Some female watch these ridiculous romantic comedy films and expect their relationships to be played out in the same manner. All guys don’t express their feelings as they are expected to do. Here are top unrealistic things girls expect from guys.

To Have A 6-Pack and Chiseled Arms

Working out and staying in shape requires time, dedication and discipline. Sometimes, our busy lifestyles simply don’t allow us to stay on top of the healthiest diet and the most rigorous exercise regimen. Cut him some slack if he has been traveling a lot for work or is taking night classes and doesn’t have that chiseled body that girls are used to like. In the same way that it is unfair for men to want a girl who has perfect curves or 8 body shape, you just can’t expect guys to have perfect bodies.

Don’t love me for my looks – love me as i am 

We do love you for you… but your looks are a part of it. If a man loves you, really loves you, then your looks aren’t the whole cake – only the icing. Yes, sometimes men are shallow. Sometimes, women are shallow. We’re all shallow because we respond to that which we see with our eyes – it’s the reality we live in. Does this mean that we will leave you when you begin to wrinkle and your skin begins to sag? Most men won’t. But some will. Those men have no loyalty, so think of it as a blessing in disguise.

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paying everything

For everyone has so many different rules when it comes to who pays for what on dates. First things first, it is customary for the guy to pay on the FIRST date. However, it is even more customary for the woman to offer to pay on the first date. After that, it is fair game. Men are not ATM machines and they have bills to pay just like you do. There is no bigger turn off for a guy than a girl who sees him as her meal ticket. He will feel like he is being used and unappreciated.

never look at other women

men are biologically programmed to be visual creatures. This means that no matter how hot you are; your boyfriends are always going to look at other women whether you like it or not. Even if you are in a long-term relationship and he would never dream of being with anyone else, he is still going to notice female beauty that inhabits the same room as he does. We’re men. There will always be a part of us that wants to see every beautiful woman naked. This is science; we honestly can’t help it.

To Be Romantic All The Time

when it comes to romance, some guys just flat out don’t get it. Just because he is not rescuing you at the last minute and opening professing his love to the public doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or care about you. Guys like to keep their pride intact and only do those romantic gestures for women who they know are going to respond well to it. those moments require a special occasion or maybe even something you did on your part to earn it.

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Fighting for you No Matter What

Your boyfriend needs to stand up for you if people are insulting you or saying something horribly offensive. However, if you are the one that is doing the insulting or something offensive, then he isn’t obligated to support that kind of behavior. He needs to support you but he doesn’t have to agree with you if you are acting irrational, especially when it is out in public. Guys might try their hardest to make the relationship work, but they are not going to go to extreme lengths.


Author: Don9ja