Seven(7) Rules For Dating a Married Sugar Daddy

So, you’re dating a married man? While this may not be your  ideal scenario, many of our Sugar Daddies are, in fact, married. As his Sugar Baby you need to know your place in his life. Many people assume that sugar with no strings attached also means sugar with no emotions attached. But we all know that sugar can be messy: people fall in love, forge strong relationships and sometimes get their hearts broken. Sugar with a married Sugar Daddy? Even messier. Here are a few rules you can follow to help you navigate the rough waters of sugar on the side.

1. His needs (and his family’s) will come ahead of your’s.

Dating a married man, no strings attached, basically means that he needs to keep his other strings intact while dating you. Those strings being his wife, his family, his job and whatever else he is obligated to. You will come last on his list, and you have to be willing to accept this reality for as long as you are together.

2. Your relationship will be more beneficial to him.

Your relationship will most likely have to be kept a secret, which means you will be sacrificing more than he is. You may be on call 24/7 or going out of your way all of the time to meet him in obscure restaurants or off-the-beaten path hotels.

3. Respect his boundaries.

He is a married man, and while he is choosing to add sugar to his life, that doesn’t mean he wants to change anything about his home life. Know your place in his life, and respect that you are a separate part of his life. This may mean that you don’t talk about his wife or his family, or that you can only contact him under certain conditions. It’s important to discuss these boundaries upfront, so everyone is on the same page.

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4. Do not get involved with personal drama.

It is in your best interest to keep out of any personal conflicts, even if you get caught. Try your best to not be at the center of the drama, but if you can’t help it do your best to minimize the impact. Don’t go to his wife, or get involved if she reaches out to you. If you start to become involved with his personal drama, it may be best to move on.

5. Don’t ask him to leave his wife.

Sometimes sugar is so sweet, we fall in love and start imagining a life outside of sugar. But he already has a life, with someone else. You knew this ahead of time, and things aren’t going to change just because your feelings did. He is not going to leave his wife, and you can not ask him to. He would have a different kind of relationship if that were the case.

6. Be creative during holidays.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays are often very routine for a married man. A predictable gift, a holiday ritual that he shares with his family every single year. You need to bring something different to the table. He has chosen to be with you for a reason, don’t let him forget why.

7. Always use protection.

This might be a no-brainer, but slipping up with a married man could be devastating. No matter what your beliefs are, you will be forced to make decisions you won’t want to make, don’t even risk it.

Author: Don9ja