Tips For A Guy Looking For a Life Partner

its Since as if is a difficult task to search for your soulmate, but is not if this tips is properly followed carefully.

1. Be Confident

Confident dudes are attractive- Alpha males are sexy as hell.

Being confident means you are extremely secure with yourself and it takes confidence to be direct: a quality that women really dig.

Women want a man who knows what he is doing. No lady wants to be with a guy who thinks little of himself.

2. Be A Great Listener

‘We ladies like it when you listen and understand us’- Said by every woman.

Being a great listener helps to build a relationship and paves way for communication.

So next time you are having a conversation with a girl, listen well, she will become emotionally attached to you.

3. Go Out

You cannot find a girl sitting at home playing video games.

Go out more and strike a conversation with a girl you like.

If you are especially the shy type, this will help build your confidence.

Smile more. Weekends are the best days to meet up with people. Here are a few places you can also go: Cinemas, Lekki Conservation Centre, Lounges, Restaurants and ‘Owambe’ parties.

4. Dress Well & Practice Good Hygiene

Lets face it, No 21st century woman wants to be with with a dirty person who has a piss poor fashion sense.

Wear nice clothes, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but always look neat and smell nice.

To get the right one, you have to be the right one. Work on your character, attitude and get in shape. Do some soul searching. The right one will come at the right time.

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Author: Don9ja