Ten(10) Powerful Reasons Why Couples Should Shower Together

Intimacy is something that entwines two people forever. Intimacy is just not about having sex; it’s also about cuddling, hugging and small pecks! There are many ways through which you can share beautiful intimate moments with your partner. While kiss is a glorious gateway which leads you into wonderful world of lovemaking, showering together is something that makes the whole process fun and exciting.

But, some couples consider showering together as the most underrated thing. Incorporating it in daily routine and indulging in it more often will not only give you some benefits. Check ‘em out!

1. Showering together is highly sensual

Taking a bath with you partner is one of the most sensual things you could ever experience in life. Making love to your partner in shower is whole lot different to making it in bed. You can drive him/her crazy while lathering each part of your partner and then washing it off. The whole thing can spike up the romance between you too.

2. It brings you closer and increases intimacy

Showering together increases intimacy between you like nothing else, not even sleeping together in the same bed. When couples shower together, they discover each other entirely, sharing each aspect of themselves and hiding nothing. It brings you close and you connect to your partner at every level.

3. It’s a wonderful foreplay

Yes, it is! A sensual scrub on your chest and down there could heat up the things and will make a way to a passionate night ahead. It’s an erotic opportunity which should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Explore your partner’s body as much as you can and give him/her the best orgasm of life.

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4. It’s stress-relieving

A long and relaxing bath relieves stress like no other thing. So, when it is so much stress-relieving, imagine how great it would be if you shower together. Head to the shower with you partner after a long and tiring day and you will be recharged in few minutes. Also, this can be your romantic gateway when work is killing you.

5. It’s an idea of a perfect date

The idea of perfect date is not always the fancy restaurant or the long drive in a romantic weather. You can also have a perfect date while being trapped in your washroom. Sip wine while sitting in the bathtub together. Switch the mellow lights on, play some soft romantic music and you will have a great time together.

6. You can clean each other better

Romance apart. Showering together gives you the perk of getting your back scrubbed. It is really easier to clean when someone is helping you. Massage each other’s scalp while shampooing and you will experience something you have never. You’ll never want to shower alone after your partner helps in getting you cleaned.

7. It encourages you to be comfortable in your own skin

You can hide your body while making love to your partner in the dark but when showering together, your whole body will be exposed to your partner. Showering together will help you be less self-consciousness about your thunder thighs or rounded belly. It’ll make you more comfortable in your skin which will help you being completely open to your partner.

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8. It helps you build trust

Showering together is very private act. It’s assign of a strong and a comfortable relationship; you don’t do it when it’s just a fling. It’s an intimate thing that you wouldn’t do with someone you didn’t really care about. It gives you the chance to build trust in your relationship, to be comfortable in your skin.

9. It’s a great place to have some naughty talks

The enclosed space of your washroom gives you the opportunity to have some naughty talks with your partner. Bathtub is a great place to sit together and spend some intimate and quality time with your partner. A lot of people say that their best conversations have happened in the shower. Make sure you lock the door properly!

10. Its super fun

Showering together will give you the chance to explore the playful side of your partner. Splashing water on the face of your partner and watching them react is super fun. It gives you the opportunity to let yourself loose and have fun with your partner. You can even have a toe fight in the bathtub with your partner.

Author: Don9ja