Five(5) Sex You Must Stop Believing During Pregnancy

pregnant woman and husband

pregnant woman and husband

Did you know that women feel like having sex during pregnancy? Also, women do enjoy sex during pregnancy. The men may now breathe a sigh of relief! Sex can be extremely enjoyable during pregnancy and we are here to bust 5 crazy myths about pregnancy sex.

Apart from the first trimester and last 4 four weeks of the pregnancy, a couple can enjoy sex very much.

1: An Orgasm Can Lead To A Miscarriage

The contractions a woman experiences during the big O are absolutely normal. In fact, there’re just the muscles of the uterus tightening up! These contractions will be mild and eventually fade away.

So the next time you feel contractions during and after an orgasm, do not worry.

2: You Could Hurt Your Baby’s Head

This is the most common misconception. Let us assure you that your baby is completely protected and is very safe inside the amniotic sac. This sac is sealed with a mucus plug at the mouth of the cervix.

And yes, even the deepest of the penetration will not touch your baby’s head. We promise you that even if your baby grows, you can never read its head.

kissing the baby bump

3: Will My Baby Know If We Are Having Sex?

As funny and ridiculous as this sounds, people do worry about their baby getting to know about their love making sessions. But here’s a thinker, your parents too had sex while you were in the womb, did you get to know about any such activity? Do not worry, your baby won’t know or remember about the special activity.

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4: It’s Impossible To Have Sex During Pregnancy

No, it’s not. Please don’t deprive yourselves of the art of lovemaking. Sex during pregnancy needs a lot of patience. Do not pressurize your woman to reach climax fast or put any kind of pressure on her stomach or breasts. During pregnancy, you need to go really slow for a pain-free session of lovemaking. Some positions you can try — spooning, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, lap top, and edge of the bed.

5: Oral Sex Can Be Harmful

The only way oral sex can be harmful during pregnancy is if you blow air into her vagina. In fact, oral sex is the most comfortable form of sex during pregnancy. Please ensure she is in a comfortable position and you’re good to go. Sometimes, sex does become uncomfortable during pregnancy but oral sex does come as a relief.


As the famous yet cliché saying goes — nothing is impossible! Sex during pregnancy can be fun and satisfying, but you need to make sure your woman is comfortable during the act. Never try out anything strenuous and just go with the flow.

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Author: Don9ja