Women: 10 Reasons Your Sexual Side Never Dies


If you are old and think that you’re done with sex for good, then you’re missing out on a lot of wonderful possibilities in your sexual life.

Don’t let age come in between you and healthy sexual activity. First, sex is ageless. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Second, sex offers many health benefits. It relieves stress, improves sleep, boosts your aging immune system and lowers the risk of heart disease. Lastly, a lot of older people say sex is better when they are older. Do you need more convincing?

Enjoy sex and reap its benefits. Here are 10 tips to help you on your journey to greater sex:



Just as regular exercise keeps your body fit and healthy, having sex regularly is the best way to maintain your sexual ability and give your desire a boost. Sexercise also comes with numerous benefits.

It lowers blood pressure, relieves pain naturally and most importantly, it can make you feel and look younger. Sex may be the elixir of youth you’ve been looking for, and it’s never too late to start sexercising despite your age.

Sex is also a form of exercise. In fact, it’s the best form of exercise you don’t want to miss.



Health issues, physical and psychological, normally plague older people and what affects your overall health can also impact your sexual health and function.

Sadly, medications have side effects that can hamper desire, arousal, and performance.

Prescription meds for high blood pressure and narcotics can affect your sexual function. Talk to your doctor if your prescribed meds have this side effect and if they do, ask for alternative medications, if possible.

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Sexual aids

Pain from rheumatoid arthritis or other ailments can either kill your desire or even keep you from trying. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. Taking effective painkillers can provide relief. Also, try switching to different sex positions and stick to to the positions that provide the greatest comfort.

Most times, arousal can take longer, and if your partner has arthritis or gets tired easily, do not hesitate to reach out for an extra assistance. Sexual aids like vibrators can provide great stimulation with less effort.


Sex became third priority to your children and your career when you were younger. Now that you don’t have to do paperwork and take care of your children’s needs, it is the perfect time to reconnect with your partner. It’s never too late to strengthen the bond between you and your partner through physical intimacy and sex.

Now that you have some time in your hands, try something different. It’s time to get creative, to discuss and explore new ideas.


you and your partner

A lot of changes occur as you age. Your body changes, and along with it how you feel about yourself changes, too. Now more than ever, communication between you and your partner is more important.

Talk about your fears, thoughts, and desires. Sexual intimacy requires an emotional connection, and communicating is the best way to stay connected.

Communication can also encourage openness between you two, and it’s easier to talk about sex without feeling conscious when you are both open to listening and understanding. Most likely, your partner is in the same adjusting phase and needs more understanding, just like you.

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Mood swings

Menopause can bring many changes that could affect your sex life. Mood swings and irritability can make you feel disconnected from your partner. Your interest in sex wanes.

You experience pain during intercourse. Sex does not provide the same pleasure anymore due to a lack of lubrication from the vagina. Orgasm is not as intense as before, as well.

One thing you should keep in mind when you have menopause, you can now enjoy carefree sex with your partner without worrying about getting pregnant.

Hormone therapy can relieve menopausal symptoms. If you are drier than the desert down there, a lot of lubricating products can help. Choose water-based lubricants.


talk to your doctor

Your sex hormone levels determine your sexual desire, lubricates your vagina and a lot more that involves your sexuality.

As you age, the levels of your hormonesdrop. While hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment, it comes with health risks.

You can talk to your doctor to find out if hormone replacement is an option for you. If not, then research for alternatives. Certain foods and supplements are great alternatives with lesser risks.



As you age, your body ages and undergoes a lot of physical changes. With these changes springs the feeling of being undesirable.

But, you should learn to embrace the older you, with or without the fine lines and wrinkles you see in the mirror. If you can accept these changes, the more you feel will confident about your looks, and you’ll be less afraid to get intimate.

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Sex will not be the way it used to be, back when you were younger. That’s the truth and the reality.

If you keep dwelling on how sex used to be, you’ll never enjoy it now. Let go of your expectations and standards. Redefine sex in a new light.

Now that you and your partner are older, sex is not just about intercourse and satisfying your carnal needs. It’s about the intimacy and the emotional connection that brings you closer. Kissing, holding each other and other acts of sexual contact can be just as satisfying for both you and your partner.


safe sex

Being old does not mean you can get careless. Even though you are older and getting pregnant is impossible, this does not mean you can have unprotected sex, especially if you’re with a new partner.

As your body age, it becomes prone to infections, so be extra careful about contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

As you get older, a lot of changes can occur that could change the way you feel about sex. Do not let these changes take over your sex life, but instead use them to your best sexual advantage.

Author: Don9ja