11 Hardest Things About Being In A New Relationship

The reality is dealing with the issues that could bring you closer or break you apart. Understanding your partner is important and the art of compromise is important.

Here are the hardest things about being in a new relationship:

1. Deciding when to go public on social media.

You are in love. You want everybody to know that you are no longer single and you now have a bae. How soon is too soon to share with everybody that you two are dating? Agreeing on the right time to tell your friends and family can be tricky, but the important thing is to communicate. When you are both comfortable you can make the announcement.

2. Dealing with those dramatic Exes.

How do you deal with ex-lovers? When settling on your new relationships, set some ground rules on how to handle things with old flames. Do you communicate, acknowledge birthdays or attend the same social gatherings? Talking about it could save you future arguments.

3. Tackling holiday and celebration traditions.

There are certain ways we deal with holiday or celebration of traditions, and things that we always do in a certain way. It can be hard to change the way you do things and learn to create new traditions together.

4. The issue of kids from previous relationships.

How do you deal with kids from previous relationships? How do you deal with baby mama as well? Do you have a child as well?  Children from previous relationships can make or break a relationship. You need to be open and discuss these issues.

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5. How to be together and apart.

Now that you are no longer single it’s important to consider the other party and create time for them. On the other hand, it can also be hard to ask your partner who wants to spend all their time with you for some free time to do your own stuff.

6. Dealing with the friends dynamic.

When you are dating you get a new circle of friends on each side. Trying to fit in with bae’s friends can be tricky because you want his friends to like you, and your friends to like him too. You should introduce each other to your friends when you are both comfortable.

7. Getting used to each other’s weird habits.

We all have weird habits, and when you are in a new relationship you will see the good, the bad and the ugly. It may take time but if the person is somebody you really love, make the effort to not get annoyed at them.

8. The hot buttons – discussing politics, finances, religion, etc.

There are certain topics that can get you hot under the collar and cause you to argue with your partner. They are sometimes made worse by events, time or incidents. Try a  “handle with care” discussion for these topics. Hopefully, over time you will get better at dealing with it.

9. Trying to handle his mama.

Mums and their sons, that bond is tight. As much as you would like not to deal with a meddling or overbearing mama who calls every day, you have to get used to it. If you are dating a true mama’s boy his mama will test your patience but it has (hopefully) its benefits in the long run.

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10. Deciding who pays for what.

You shouldn’t automatically assume he is picking the tab. Sometimes you need to go dutch or take him out. This is one of those issues that can be a hot button as some men wouldn’t like their lady to pay for them or ladies who think they should never spend their own money.

11. How to handle new milestones.

You have a reason to celebrate, maybe you finished your degree or he got a promotion, but you have different ideas about how to celebrate. Maybe you want to splash out and have dinner with a few friends but he wants to have an intimate dinner. Learning to compromise so that you are both happy is important.

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