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Seven(7) Key Elements of a Successful Relationship

No two individuals are alike; yet, we build successful relationships with others. We do this by accepting and respecting our differences, while focusing on the aspects that bind us together.

This basis is visible in every successful relationship in the form of these 7 unmissable characteristics.

1. Ability to communicate without hesitation

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Couples in a healthy relationship share their thoughts openly, with ease and without hesitation.

A relationship lacking communication finds it hard to sustain itself. Because suppressed communication is usually associated with hiding something or not caring enough — and that’s a sign your relationship is bound to end prematurely.

2. Unconditional love for each other

Couples in great relationships love each other unconditionally. Personal failures, disagreements and the like don’t affect how much they love each other. They respect each other’s opinions and understand that holding hands even in tough and uncomfortable times is the way to a successful relationship.


3. Attending to each other’s needs, willingly

Doing things for the other under compulsion or just for the heck of it isn’t something you’d notice in a healthy relationship. Couples who are doing it right do things for each other because they care and they want to help, especially in times of need.

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4. No abuse…physical, verbal or emotional

Abuse has no place in love. Verbal, physical or emotional abuse is dangerous for the health of a relationship, and should be kept away.

One should respect and appreciate their significant other and try never to stray away from that path. That way they become a pillar of support for their partner rather than a monster who abuses them and causes them harm.

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5. Staying committed to one another

Couples who are mutually committed to each other — and remind themselves of that every now and then — taste the fruits of a successful relationship.

If you are commitment-phobic, building a lasting bond would prove to be a challenge for you, and you’ll need help to break through that phobia. But don’t worry, start with simple steps, like learning to trust the other person.

6. Expressing your love for them, regularly


Couples in a healthy relationship make it a point to let their partners know that they are dearly loved and are a significant part of their life.

The words are simple — “I love you,” “Take care,” “How was your day?,” “I missed you” — words that take a second or two each time you say it, but keep the bond strengthened. Simple gestures like hugs are equally, if not more, effective. So you should focus on these expressions of love to keep the love alive.

7. Taking time out for each other

Regularly making time for your partner shows them they’re important and loved. Spending time together helps you understand and bond well with each other. This is one factor that cannot be overlooked. Giving the time and attention that your partner deserves is a positive sign of a successful relationship.

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