Why ladies always fall in love with the wrong guys

Why Ladies always fall in love with the wrong guys

We reunited after some months and it continued for about eight years when he finally got married to another woman.

I blame him a little and blame myself more because I was scared of unwanted pregnancies then so I always denied him s3x.

Now I got another guy after three years of the breakup, and to avoid the same scenario I let him have his way, just to find out now that he has another lover somewhere else which he denied to me at the beginning of the relationship.

Why ladies always fall in love with the wrong guys


I’m interested now: am I generally bound to falling into the wrong hands?

In some cases, love does not come in roses and sweet-scenting bundles. Individuals experience some unpleasant patches with adoration before at last cruising easily. A few people never need to, however a few people do.

Take this as your harsh sail days. I trust that with the correct disposition and attitude, better days are coming. Somebody better is coming.

In case you will engage in sexual relations in a relationship, do as such on the grounds that you need to, not on the grounds that you need somebody to have his direction.

You’re duping yourself that way. It is smarter to get things done on your terms – adore, connections, sex and everything in the middle.

I wish you the best.

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